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12-26-2003, 18:13
One of our Christmas gifts this year was a Breadman panini maker. It doesn't seem entirely useless, as I've come up with a way to make pizza sandwiches with it. I don't know what else to do with it, though. Anyone else have any panini recipes they would like to share?

Pizza Panini

2 Slices of sourdough bread
2 Heaping teaspoons of pizza sauce
1 Handful shredded mozarella cheese
2 Large slices of peperroni, or 4 small ones

Spread pizza sauce on both slices of bread. Cover one slice with shredded cheese and peperroni, and more cheese. Spray outside of sandwich with olive oil and place on panini maker. Cook until golden brown and crispy.

12-26-2003, 18:53
Garlic bread - if you're feeling lazy, the Texas Toast/Coles stuff is fine...

Grilled leftover meat - London broil, chicken, suasage, etc.

Jar of sundried tomatoes

assemble, grill, eat:)

I am soooo lazy I do this on my George Forman grill-thingy.

The Pontificator
12-26-2003, 19:52
Went to my 'library'...and pulled out...

"Panini, Bruschetta, Crostini" by Viana La Place

ALL KINDS of wonderful Panini recipes within.

$13.97 and worth every penny (price is reg. $20)

The Pontificator
12-26-2003, 19:55
Originally posted by ExxoticOne
I am soooo lazy I do this on my George Forman grill-thingy.

As do I. It's perfecto por panini!

12-27-2003, 00:01
I've got many great panini recipes. Just tell me what sort you like and I'll email you a bunch. One of my favorites is Ciabatta, Fontina, Chicken, Arugula and Pear. MMMMmmm.