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Texas T
12-31-2003, 21:59
I really enjoyed Flight of The Old Dog by Dale Brown, Yeager's autobiograpy, At The Edge Of Space by Milt Thompson, and I've got a few others around the house someplace. Jimmy Buffet writes a pretty good flying story or two himself. :)


Hank Bodmer
12-31-2003, 23:35
"Fate is the Hunter". All others are 2nd best in comparison. chapter on "Ice" is CLASSIC.

01-01-2004, 02:22
"Out of Control" was a pretty interesting book,Written by G. Gordon Liddy. Although not strictly about flying, the main character is a millionaire who owns his own personal Messerschmitt Bf 109, can't remember if it is an E or a G but it still has all the armament on it. I would tell you about the end of the book but it would spoil the read.

01-01-2004, 11:21
Twelve O'Clock High by Bierne Lay, Jr. & Sy Bartlett, Fate is the Hunter by Ernest K. Gann, Flight of the Intruder by Stephen Coonts, The Hunters by James Salter, Flying Fortress (nonfiction) by Edward Jablonski, Black Thursday by Martin Caidin (nonfiction), & Flying Forts by Martin Caidin

M2 Carbine
01-01-2004, 14:23
Major Gregory "Pappy" Boyington's book.
I don't recall if it was "Black Sheep Squadron" or "Ba Ba Black Sheep".

"1000 Destroyed"
About the WW2 Eagle Squadrons in England.
"The day Reichmarshal Goering saw red-nosed Debden Mustangs over Berlin was the day he decided that Germany had lost World War II. (Said Goering after the war)"

"The Cannibal Queen"
by Stephen Coonts

01-01-2004, 15:41
God Is My Copilot.

01-02-2004, 18:04
I will have to agree with Fate is the Hunter. Ernest K. Gann's chronicle of a good portion of his aviation career is the best aviation reading bar none.

01-02-2004, 20:43
I'll also cast a vote for "Fate is the Hunter". Another flying book I like is by Richard Bach, of Jonathan Seagull fame, called "Stranger to the Ground". It's a story about a "routine" night flight in an F-84. None of Bach's later philosophical ideas are in this book; it's strictly about flying. His descriptions are very detailed and I think he does a great job of getting the reader into the cockpit. I'd call it a must read for pilots. Anyone else hear of it?

01-02-2004, 21:28
Originally posted by M2 Carbine

"The Cannibal Queen"
by Stephen Coonts

I didnt care for it. Not quite entertaining enough to read about although I'd desperately love to take a similar journey. The book seemed more than anything like a great way document to the IRS that a really extravagent vacation was in fact a 100% tax deduction. Good on Mr. Coonts for pulling if off but not the best read.