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Dan in Alaska
01-06-2004, 00:20
I usually fish all summer and shoot my pistols at an indoor range during the winter. This summer I bought a new boat, and I can't seem to change gears and get back into shooting. I got a serious case of "boat-on-the-brain"!

Well, anyway here's the boat. It is a 22' Hewescraft Searunner with a 115hp Yamaha 4-stroke.

And here's what's got me wishing for summer to hurry up and get here. This is a 58-pound lingcod I caught last August. They are a mean, toothy fish with plenty of fight, and they taste great!'%20Ling%20Cod-sm.jpg

And here's just something pretty to look at. This is the small boat harbor in Seward, AK. I took this photo in March of 2003.

Happy New Year; summer's gettin' closer:) .

01-06-2004, 01:35
as Jimmy Buffett once said, "Got to stop wishin', got to go fishin'"
-still fishin'
-I remain
-ebigfish :cool:

01-06-2004, 14:01
Dan, that's an awesome catch! I guess that would get you fired-up for this fishing season. I'm surprised that fish is good eating, it looks like some kind of pre-historic monster. I really need to get to Alaska some day. Beautiful!

01-08-2004, 21:10
I am looking forward to moving to Alaska in a few short years [not short enough]. You may need to take me to some of those great fishing [and hunting] spots!:cool: :cool:

01-08-2004, 21:47
Great looking boat ya got there!

We don't get any like that around here in Ga and Fla coast. Everything here is fiberglass.

Is it aluminum for rock protection?

Ugly fish=good eating!

01-09-2004, 10:38
I'm with ya- Just bought a boat at the end of the summer- It was great- but now looking at in the garage is just killin me!

Nice Boat you got there Dan. I was looking at hose Hewescrafts myself last summer- they are sweet.

And that Lingcod! EGADS what a gnarly looking thing!!! Nice catch man!

Dan in Alaska
01-09-2004, 12:02
OH37, fried ling cod is killer. In fact, a friend of mine says they make walleye taste like bait.

'Halibut, sure I'll take you fishing. I used to hunt in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Iowa, but I haven't given it a try up here yet. You used to live up here, right? Where abouts?

Shinichi, welded aluminum boats are very popular in Alaska. They are easier to repair than fiberglass and they maintain a higher resale value up here. There are fiberglass boats up here, but they are usually 26+ feet cabin cruisers and kept in the water year 'round.

G27G19, at least your boat fits in the garage. Mine is covered in three feet of snow;g. What kind of boat did you get?

01-11-2004, 16:08
Well, the wife wouldnt go for $15Kjet-boat,...So I got one just like this.

BlueWater inboard. Fun but not gonna take me up any rivers. Need a trolling motor, and gonna concentrate on lake trout this year. Ive never really caught a trophy fish. I did catch some nice salmon in a small river in oregon, probably 15 pounds or so, but there were tons of em stacked up in this hole that it was more like trying to get lucky and snag one in the mouth- So it doesnt really count. So this summer i am going to try to get into a nice big fat Mack!

See even a little kid can catch a monster! I dunno who this kid is but what a nice fish---

01-16-2004, 17:21
Hi Dan,
Like all things,this will pass.
I was like you,discovered fishing on a boat and couldn`t get enough of it!
Howevever,as time passed I started fishing when I knew what fish was in season or I would target specific types of fish.
I still LOVE the sport it`s just that I now spend time more wisely doing it.
So don`t worry about it,everybody I introduced to bluewater fishing did the same thing and went crazy for a while.
Like your pictures!Got my wife into fishing and she now can outfish me most of the time.
We go after Ahi(yellowfin tuna)and Marlin over here,and it`s still a thrill after 23 years of fishing!


01-21-2004, 15:43
Oh yeah, I have fishing fever too..... I cant wait till spring.;K

01-22-2004, 20:23
Nice lookin boat man. Thats next on my list of toys. ;f I've got to pay off my four wheeler first. :(

Do you get over to Kenai much to run the river?

01-23-2004, 23:01
..down to rock bottom again, with just a few friends. Pirate looks at forty , good song. Usually as soon as goose season ends i get my waders on and fish the creeks for trout and chubs, chubs put up a better fight than trout of equal size i think. And you can get them 60 in one hole! Throw two cast, and pick the ice out of the eyelits. I must be crazy. Nice fish and boat. Good luck to all

Dan in Alaska
01-24-2004, 13:48
I never fished the Kenai from a boat. I usually only fish reds from the bank of the Kenai around Bing's Landing and Russian River confluence. I have never fished kings on the Kenai, but it is on my list of things to do:).

I am going to try trolling for kings in the salt this year, and I am really hoping to make it down for the Homer King Derby in March.

01-26-2004, 17:30
Fishin on the brain.

Been speaking with my buddy who is moving back to Atlanta from Oregon. We are already planning a trip down to St. George Island, Fla. Most fun, non-stop action i ever had was last year runnin g ladyfish for two days in a row. Dolphins following us and the fish, sharks eating our catch! Yahoo!!!

01-30-2004, 23:33

Nope--I have never lived in Alaska. Been there arond Anchorage a few times, and the wife and I are moving therefor good no later than May 1st, 2008. Not sure exactly where, but it will be in the south area--maybe around Anchorage or on the Kenai peninsula or something.


Dan in Alaska
01-31-2004, 14:54
Anchorage has lots of opportunities for jobs, services, and entertainment, but the traffic is terrible and housing prices are sky-high. I've heard it said that Anchorage is a great place to live because you are only 30 minutes from Alaska:).

If I didn't have to worry about a job and paying bills, I would live in Soldotna. It is located right in the middle of the Kenai Pennisula's road system, and really close to lots of good fishing - not far from Seward, Homer, or the Kenai and Russian Rivers.

Soldotna is large enough to have good services and entertainment, and the cost of living (groceries, gas, etc.) is pretty much on par with Anchorage, which in only about 3 hours away. I really like Soldotna, but I don't think my wife and I could both find jobs that paid as well as they do in Anchorage. So, I guess we will continue to drive a little farther to enjoy the great outdoors.

02-01-2004, 21:48
I've got it too. It is Steelhead season here right now. I caught my first ever Steelie earlier in the month, but had to release it because it was a native instead of a hatchery (fin clipped) fish. Man that is difficult! Thought about making the necessary adjustments myself... ;) I'm stuck on the bank right now due to the lack of a boat, but that will be the next big purchase in about a year.

02-11-2004, 14:27
i can't stop thinking about fishing either. i will be putting the boat in the water this weekend hopefully if this cold front doesn't come all the way through. i think there are some largemouth bass out there waiting for me to get the season started with them...:).

another thing i am really looking forward to is a trip a buddy and i have been planning the last couple of weeks. we are going to Western North Carolina to camp and fly fish for 5 days. i can't wait. we hired a very reputable guide, have ordered all new fly fishing equipment from Cabela's, and been practice casting and knot tying for the last 2 weeks. needless to say both of our wives are getting pretty aggrevated having to constantly hear about this trip.