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01-09-2004, 15:53
Just read about this new cart in shooting times. Looks decent.

01-09-2004, 18:11
Todd Kindler made up the .20 Terminator a while ago. From all reports it will explode a woodchuck like nodody's business. Ballistics can't be that far off with the Ruger since they are both based on the same case.

Ruger usually drags it's heels when introducing something new, but maybe this will give the bullet manufacturers a kick in the ass and start coming out with a larger selection of .20 bullets.

If I were to do a .20, I'd probably go .20 Ackley Hornet instead of the .204 though. The .20 pill on a AI Hornet case has some benefit over the .22 version. For a long range varmint cartridge I don't think it improves much over the various .22's.

01-09-2004, 19:15
What about vs a .223?

01-09-2004, 20:01
6 of one half dozen of the other. If all you're doing is blowing up critters I don't think there's much of a difference. The .204 will have lighter recoil, but in a 9.5lb+ gun I don't think you'll be able to tell the difference. Maybe be able to see hits in the scope more in a light, short range gun.

It has potential to be a pelt friendly round, like the .19's and .17's, but the bullet selection just isn't there... yet.

I've heard mixed results about the .20 tactical (.20-223) in terms of pelt damage. Definately accurate. Definately deadly. But a gamble on whether you're going to make a pin hole or a crater.

The best things about this in my mind are that this gives some validation to the .20. If things go well, like the .17HMR, I would guess more of the wildcats will become factory. Then those will be weeded down to the one or two that really perform. Bullet manufacturers won't sink a bunch of money into production unless there's a market. It takes a big name throwing it out there to make them really sink cash into something. I also like the fact that these companies are looking more at the small calibers. It makes great business sense in my mind. Big bores are fun, but you just don't shoot them as much. You sell ammo/components for big bores by the 10's or 100's whereas the small calibers you sell by the thousands. When's the last time someone pulled out the old .404 Gibbs and blasted 500 rounds at the range?

I wish the .204 well, but I don't think I will get one. I do think it will do well though. The .17, specifically the .17 remington, was looked at like a bastard stepchild by a lot of folks, but when the .17HMR came out it was the thing to have when heading out to pop some woodchucks. People like being the first kid on the block with the new toy and I think that will drive this to success.

See what happens when you ask a question after I've had a few scotches. I turn a 5 word question into a 6 paragraph answer. ;f ^1

01-09-2004, 22:57
See what happens when you ask a question after I've had a few scotches. I turn a 5 word question into a 6 paragraph answer.

Here! Here!

01-09-2004, 23:41
I read the same article--looks like a fun little round,as always--i would wait a little bit--make sure it takes off good--should be great on small game.

01-10-2004, 03:10
As it doesn't offer anything special over the more established varmint cartridges I predict it'll die a quick and relatively painless, unnoticed death.

01-10-2004, 19:36
I have a .204 Ruger rifle on order. Not one of the Ruger offerings, but a Cooper Arms M21 MTV. It's a very nice rifle, and should shine with this new varmint round.