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01-11-2004, 14:20
Anybody have a good recipe for baked or grilled catfish that doesn't involve a lot of exotic ingredients?

01-12-2004, 11:23
We use the Zattarans blackening stuff on our fish and chops and grill them up on a G. Foreman grill.

Yummm. We did boneless chicken like this last night with half marinated with italian dressing and the other with the Zattarans. Then cut it up and mixed it all up and put on top of a salad.

Quick as lightning and spicy good to boot. You can make your own blackening rub with a little cayenne, black pepper, little paprika, and a little onion powder. Works pretty good on catfish.

I like my food hot so I go heavy on the cayenne and sprinkle with a dab of Blair's After Death sauce.

For something a little less spicy, a little butter on the fish might be a good starting point also. Spray a little lemon on during grilling.

Now, where are those leftovers?

01-12-2004, 14:23
Grind/chop pecans the size of coarse cornmeal.
Add cajun/creole/nawlins type spice to taste.
Press mixture into room temperature fillets.
Sautee (in oven friendly sautee pan) in butter and a bit of oil to prevent butter from burning (I like grapeseed oil) for about one minute per side.
Transfer to 350 degree oven until done to your liking.

01-12-2004, 22:22
My wife likes to sprinkle a little Cavender's Greek Seasoning on catfish fillets and grill in our Foreman knockoff. Really good. Lots of flavor, yet not spicy-hot at all.

I sometimes add a squeeze of lemon on the plate. Steamed broccoli goes good with it for a light meal.

01-14-2004, 14:59
Thank you guys...when you're talking spicy, you're speaking my language.;t