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01-12-2004, 05:12
Hi, guys. Sorry to repeat this if it's been asked before, but does anybody have the recipe for V-8 juice?

I have bought a hi-tech blender-type machine, and I would like to try making V-8 juice/vegetable juice in general/tomato juice.

What I have discovered so far is that tomatoes by themselves are sour as hell. So are most vegetables by themselves- sour or bland.

There must be a formula for blending different proportions of what specific vegetables, and adding salt and sugar(?) and/or other flavorings.

Can you help me out? Meanhwile, I'm experimenting. (Hey, it's so much easier to blend a good fruit juice drink than a good vegetable drink!)

Thanks in advance for your advice/recipes.

Mild Bill
01-12-2004, 09:16
To make juice you need a juice "extractor"... Like the Juiceman...

10 carrots, 4 stalks of celery, handful of bunched parsley, and 1 or 2 apples...
Depending on how sweet you like it...

That gets you a great, super healthy, veggie juice...

You can add a couple tomatoes I guess, but I never tried it...

Get a juicing book... they're cheap on Ebay... There are countless combinations...

But putting stuff in a blender would be thick, pastey, and almost undrinkable...

;c ;c ;c

01-16-2004, 17:15
I have juicer too, but for V8 juice it turns out that it's better to boil the vegetables (below) for 20 minutes, then use a blender, then strain off the pulp.

Yield: 60 servings

15 lb Fully ripe tomatoes;chopped
2 c Celery;chopped
3 lg Onions; chopped
3 carrots
2 bell peppers
3 Garlic cloves;
1/4 c Sugar; or to taste
2 tb -Salt
3/4 ts Pepper
2 ts Prepared horseradish
1/3 c Lemon juice
-Worcestershire to taste