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01-14-2004, 16:57
I live in Tampa, FL and for years have dreamt of becoming a pilot. But money has always stopped me. A friend is a cargo pilot and says it cost him about $4000 - $5000 over the years to get to where he is. But if I just wanted to start, how much time and money do I need? Is it something I can do in my "spare" time, like on the weekend? Is it something I can stretch out over time so it's not such a big expense. Point me in the right direction, guys.

And the follow-up question is, once I become a pilot, how much cost is involved in actually flying? Renting planes, paying for fuel, landing fees, all that.

I have friends in Tennessee, and my dream is to some day be able to fly - rent a plane - fly to Knoxville for a visit, and fly home. But is this cost efficient? Something I could afford. Any advise is appreciated.

Texas T
01-14-2004, 17:09
Cost varies, but if you do a search through some older topics in here you should be able to get some fairly current numbers. Same with rental costs after you have your license.

Actual cost to fly to your friend and back may or may not be less than flying commericial, but one of the great things about GA is that YOU determine when you are going, where you're going to stop off, how long you're going to stop off, when you're going to return, what route you're going to take coming back, etc.

No body searches; carry your pistol with you (as long as it's legal where you land); no crying babies; no rude passengers, etc.

It's more than just a dollar and cents thing.


Medpilot 2
01-14-2004, 17:20
Your friend only spent $4000-5000 to get where he is? And he's a cargo pilot? I'd like to know how he did that. I spent over $30k on my pilot training, but that includes private/instrument/commercial/CFI/CFII/muli/ATP

For just your average Joe Shmo, I could see just a private license going for around $4000-8000.

As far as flying to Tennessee from Tampa, you could do that. You're looking at an aircraft rental cost in the range of $100/hr. and say it takes you 6 hours to get there. You're looking at $600 one way. Flying ain't cheap, that's for sure.

01-14-2004, 20:46
So far the prices seem correct.. Anywhere from $3-6k depending on where you live, what you're learning in, and how much time you actually need to do it.

One thing not mentioned so far is that the quicker you do your training, the less it will likely cost.

Flying is a perishable skill... if you only fly once or twice a month, you will spend the first part of each lesson trying to review what you learned on the last lesson... more time and $$..

If you can do it.. fly at LEAST twice a week, if not more.. you'll come out ahead in the end..

It's definately worth it... a load of fun!!

01-14-2004, 22:44
once I become a pilot, how much cost is involved in actually flying?

The short answer in my case is (all I can earn)+(all I can borrow)+(5%)

Regret? None.

For most of us it's love money, or love flying; take your pick!

01-15-2004, 08:20

Just found this school near Tampa, FL on the www.beapilot.com website (don't know anything about it, so don't take this as a recommendation).

Gives you a cost breakdown that almost every school does (40 hours, 20 dual). I would tack in another 10-20 hours depending on how much time you can devote to it.

My Private pilot license ended up costing me a tad over $5,000 (adding in FAA exam fees and everything). I saved a few bucks by using the Glemm's study guide for the written test and not going through ground school, though I wouldn't advise doing that though.