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stiletto raggio
01-18-2004, 19:04
I want to get a gun for my mom, and she says she wants one, but I haven't been able to get her to actually work with me seriously. Neither she nor my dad shoot too much when I am not home, but he shoots a lot more than her. She is not at all averse to guns; in fact, her father was an avid outdoorsman, and she used to go on the yearly trip to Wyoming to shoot big critters.

I want to get her something that is big enough to shoot comfortably and well in an open environment, but also something she can slip in her (rahter large) purse if she wants to carry. We have a Taurus Pt99, a G23, G35, USP45, and I'll be getting a 686 and a 340PD soon. I want a .38+P at a minimum, and I know she can handle recoil just fine. It is really an issue of interface.

What has worked well for you ladies?

01-18-2004, 22:02
If she's got a large purse, it probably lacks a dedicated concealment compartment. You ought to offer to buy her a nice Coronado Leather purse to go with her new pistol!

I suggest you get her to try out a Ruger GP100 3 or 4" .357, and also an SP101 in .357. You get a wide variety of ammo, and a proven carry round, with revolver simplicity.

01-27-2004, 11:09
How about a G26?

01-28-2004, 15:26
My suggestion. Keep it simple. Something that fits her hand but doesn't have too many moving parts. Not every weapon fits a woman's hand. Remember...if she doesnt' shoot alot and she gets in a situation..the simpler the operation, the better. I shoot a G22 but have a 27 as a backup that really fits everywhere( purses, fanny packs, waistband of tight jeans) and is smaller for smaller hands. And, just point and shoot.

My second consideration...will she really use the gun? Is she committed to defending herself with a weapon and killing someone?.You males sometimes insist that a women should be armed. Unless a woman is secure with the weapon; and committed to using it I believe it is foolish for her to carry. I would hate to see the BAD GUY get the gun before the woman can decide if she can pull the trigger.

Let her make the decision.


02-02-2004, 16:23
I got my mom a G-17. She couldn't rack the slide. She traded it for a 9mm snubnose revolver. She is very happy with it.

Arc Angel
02-02-2004, 16:34
This is going to be a long post:


02-12-2004, 06:56
My dad and I got my mom a Lady Smith .38 cal. She loves it and it's light enough to carry in your purse.

02-12-2004, 07:07
get her something like a lady smith in 357. if her working knowledge of firearms isnt that great then she is better off sticking with a revolver. if by chance she gets a bad round all she has to do is keep pulling the trigger. the benifit to a 357 is she can start out with a 38 and then move up to the 357 loads.

02-12-2004, 07:15
Originally posted by randomaxsurplus
My dad and I got my mom a Lady Smith .38 cal. She loves it and it's light enough to carry in your purse.

That's what I bought my mom.

She's not into guns enough to go target practice, but I know she'll use it if somebody breaks into her house. She's tougher than I am. ;P

Lady Smith is hammerless. Just point it and pull the trigger. Bang!

She was happy I bought it for her, especially after the old lady that lives three houses down had a group of people pull a home invasion on her. ;g

02-14-2004, 22:27
You can't beat a revolver for ease of use, especially in stressful situations. If you decide to go that way look at S&W, they really know how to make revolvers:)