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01-21-2004, 19:21
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stupid helicopter tricks! ;g

M2 Carbine
01-21-2004, 20:25
Care to bet the "pilot" didn't have a clue what a "Class C" sling load is or how it's done ;f ;a

Texas T
01-21-2004, 22:11
I for one don't... enlighten us? :)


01-22-2004, 08:21
Originally posted by Texas T
I for one don't... enlighten us? :)


Class C Rotorcraft Load: The external load is jettisonable and remains in contact with land or water during the rotorcraft operation (for example, a snow sled).

Maybe one of the Rotary wing guru's can explain exactly how it's rigged...

Santa CruZin
01-22-2004, 10:40
For one thing, how about a rode longer than 30 feet? That has to be about the stupidest thing I've ever seen a helo pilot attempt.

M2 Carbine
01-22-2004, 10:53
There's a hook on the bottom of the helicopter but it can also be mounted elswhere like we have all seen at the doorway of Coast Guard cloppers.

The hook is usually opened electrically but will have an emergency manual release and maybe even a cable cutter.

The difference between a Class B and C load is the B is what you think of as a normal sling load and a C load is still touching the surface.

Using a Class C, for some reason you want to drag the load.
Like for instance if you were dragging a long survey measuring chain across the ground, through swamps, etc.

I always liked extrenal loads, especially in the mountains, then I could punch off all that weight if I got into trouble.

BTW when you are hovering over the load, the hook up man hits the helicopter hook with his cable to discharge the chopper or the static charge will make his day.;f

Texas T
01-22-2004, 11:04
Originally posted by M2 Carbine
BTW when you are hovering over the load, the hook up man hits the helicopter hook with his cable to discharge the chopper or the static charge will make his day.;f How much of a charge will build up?


M2 Carbine
01-22-2004, 11:57
T, of course it's low amp but the voltage seems very high.
I don't recall anyone putting a figure on it but it can give you quite a shock.

For instance, short story,

One time OXY painted a real thick ( 1/4 inch ) weatherproof coating on their heliports.
I told them they were screwing up because on landing the metal chopper skids can't discharge to the steel heliport.
They wouldn't listen.

A couple days later, me in a Bell 206L3 and a Bell 212 landed on the heliports to make OXY's crew change.

I could see it coming and was laughing my butt off.
Every time someone outside touched the chopper they got a hell of a shock and jumped back.
It even surprised me how fast the airframe was recharging.

The 212 pilot called me raising hell because no one can load up.

I yelled at them, grab this bastard and hold on, everytime you let go it rechages almost instantly.

They finally got loaded and when I stopped laughing we headed to the beach.;f

I've seen 3/4 inch sparks "firing" (every couple seconds) from the chopper skids, across thick paint to the steel heliport deck.
And that's from a Bell 206 that is just sitting, shut down, parked on an offshore heliport.:cool:

01-22-2004, 18:56
You know, the other question is why they are using a $250/hour helo to do the job a small motor boat could accomplish.

Medpilot 2
01-22-2004, 19:20
Entertaining vid, thanks.