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01-30-2004, 11:16
Having transplanted myself to the southwest from the Great Lakes we have neither large bodies of water nor cold temperatures to freeze them. So I haven't ice fished for a few years now. Lake Erie has been pack ice near my dad's house for a few weeks now.

So who's been out this winter?

01-30-2004, 16:18
I've been out many times on my lake. We catch mostly crappies in teh winter. The last two weeks it's been -20F or lower every night - too cold. I can stay warm in my shelter. But, the fish just become dormant in these extremely high-pressure weather systems.

We were on Lake of the Woods a few weeks ago and caught a ton of walleye and sauger.

02-02-2004, 10:42
Man those through-the-ice fish taste better than usual, but i gave it up a few years back, we were on a lake and the way out was fine, but for some reason the ice wasnt the best. It was 20 degrees for a while so it should have been solid but when you stepped you had an inch of snow , then an inch of ice then 6 inches of water and then solid ice again. Every step was a break through to water, just havent done it since, and i cant find any one to go with me, so i opt for trout streams.

02-02-2004, 18:41
I'm always the last one on the ice it seems.... call it fear-o-falling-thru... anyway we just had a good week of bitter cold and I just got a full 20# propane and I'm goina check it out. bait guy says everybody's driving on the ice now, so we'll see what's up later this week.

-goin' fishin' :cool:

02-03-2004, 20:11
Been doing real good on the northern and perch. Will be out for some mid-winter walleye fishin' this weekend.

02-04-2004, 01:09
Well I'm just plain jealous. I'd give anything for fresh caught fish.


02-04-2004, 10:54
Iíve always said that when they legalize fishing with dynamite Iíll be right there with you guys!

Iím not a fisherman if you couldnít tell, which is probably a shame as Iím never more then 30 miles from a body of water, with fish, here in Michigan! Not to mention that I have friends all around me with ALL of the fishing goodiesÖ my best friendís father lives on lake Huron & is all set up (big water, charter-like fishing boat w/cabin & a bathroom even) for any fishing you can do here. (That same boat spends its winters in Florida set up for deep-sea fishing & the likeÖ)

02-04-2004, 12:00
Well I'm just plain jealous. I'd give anything for fresh caught fish.

You'd think one would get tired of fish... But, I catch them and eat them all the time. I very rarely eat the ones I freeze, I give them away. Sometimes I trade them for Lake Superior salmon. A good friend lives on the big lake and will trade his salmon for walleye. I always keep a few on hand in case I can't get out on the lake.

I'm in the city now, but I'll have fish when I get home tomorrow night.

I love walleye fried in a pan. But, too much grease isn't good for you. So, many times, we cook it in the micro-wave and serve it with lemon juice. Very tasty. Mmmmm

02-04-2004, 12:26
In the summers we would build a fire on right on the beach of Lake Erie behind my dad's house. Get the griddle all nice and hot and fish for perch from the shore. Clean them, cook them and eat them all from a lawn chair. A little bit of tartar sauce and some cold iced tea... man it was heaven.

I'm so used to having a lake in my backyard that it doesn't make sense to drive 2 hours to some tiny lake (lakes out here look more like ponds) to fight boat and jet ski trafic to pull in fish.