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02-02-2004, 22:54
Sitting here watching Fear Factor. They are doing this stunt where they put this chick in a basket hanging under a helo that's flying around over a lake. There's a rope on the bottom of the basket. The guy mounts the rope off a Jet Ski and climbs up with keys to the basket and they all jump into the water.

What kind of red tape do you have to go to to put a person in a basked hanging from a copter when its not a rescue? I know putting a person in a basked under a crane is a huge hassle. Must be a real PITA with an aircraft.

M2 Carbine
02-04-2004, 21:42
I can't imagine any Fed allowing that silly crap.

And the pilot is a dumbass for putting people in danger like that for a TV show.;f