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02-05-2004, 15:42
DWavs' "Fried Potato" thread reminded me to ask how do you all make and cook your "from scratch" hash browns? I can never seem to get them brown and crispy.

02-05-2004, 18:36
Peel some large Russets. Boil til soft not mushy. Cool in 'Fridge. Shred length wise by hand using a kitchen shredder.
Thats how I do it.

lethal tupperwa
02-05-2004, 20:30
you need bacon grease for the flavor.(one or two slices will do.

Then let sit till they get crispy stir and let sit again repeat till they look right.

Remember at the diner they were always sitting on the side of the grill and got stirred every now and then.

With some chopped onions or red pepper chopped its up to you.

Start with par boiled or left over baked potatoes.

02-05-2004, 21:29
Shred peeled 'taters onto kitchen towels. Using towels, wring or squeeze out all the water you can. Heat pan well, add fat/oil of choice (my preference is bacon/duck fat) add 'taters. Let brown, then stir, repeat.

Cloth towels that is.