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Screaming .357G
01-14-2003, 21:57
A page of speer gold dot info including some .357 sig.

Screaming .357G
01-14-2003, 22:34
Just thought it would be a good idea to get a sticky started on some .357 sig loading data.

I see a little info here and there on the .357 sig and thought it would be a good idea to just have a spot for it.

Maby a collection of web pages like petes or something we could make a list to help out the people wanting to start reloading the .357 sig.

Stuff like what primers,powders,brand/weight bullets etc.
Even include some stuff on what guns they loads/barrels were tested etc.

Here is just a small example of some form of data that may be helpfull if we just put it in with a buch of other pages,ideas,etc like it.

01-14-2003, 23:36
Handy Energy Calculator:

Reloading Page:

Reloading Page:

Screaming .357G
01-15-2003, 11:37
Lets hope it helps out some that reload.

Here's petes page it has a lot of good info on bullet setback.

Here is one to do with headspace.

Want to get into some reloading stuff:)http://dillonprecision.com/default.cfm?http://www.leeprecision.com/

Need brass???http://www.midwayusa.com/rewriteabrowse/2/7466/9315+***+652+***+670+***+9014+***

More stuff.

Need some bullets???? here you go.

Some more info.


02-03-2003, 06:58

02-03-2003, 07:00
And more:

03-14-2003, 21:25
Pete's 357 Sig Page has moved to an archive location:



03-27-2003, 15:22
The domain problem of transferring my domain has been fixed. You can still use the above mentioned URL, or you can once again use www.pete-357.com

05-14-2003, 15:52
My data below:

02-05-2004, 16:50
Good info here: http://sigforum.com/6/ubb.x?a=tpc&s=674608412&f=840601935&m=55160964

And here: http://sigforum.com/6/ubb.x?a=tpc&s=674608412&f=840601935&m=86560854

And here: http://sigforum.com/6/ubb.x?a=tpc&s=674608412&f=840601935&m=91160144

And here: http://sigforum.com/6/ubb.x?a=tpc&s=674608412&f=840601935&m=91460263

And here:

A combo of three threads on reloading and other data.
Add and enjoy!:)

02-05-2004, 17:21
Just a note: The Sig Forum is interesting; it was the home of the first .357 Sig guns.

03-18-2004, 23:44
Here is a most interesting thread on various reloading issues.
If you are new to reloading use caution; some of the information or techniques may not be for beginners.


As always Enjoy!

04-23-2004, 15:01
I spoke with an Alliant Tec Rep about Power Pistol:

1. He doesn't like the flash either.

2. PP is derived from the Bullseye formulae, it meters well because of its shape, but there are some ignition issues that are exagerated by slowing down the burn rate. He recommends the longest barrel practicable to get a complete burn every time (lower standard deviation numbers).

3. He uses PP in his 357Sig, so he had noted the same problems/complaints that have been expressed elseware in this thread.

05-03-2004, 12:39
For accuracy from 80% max to max loads, power, low flash, low smoke and easy metering: I am enjoying Hodgdon Longshot increasingly in my reloads!


05-12-2004, 17:46
Training and Targets: www.glockfaq.com www.sportshooter.com www.mytargets.com www.tackdriver.com Be sure to explore the links too!

05-25-2004, 14:44
Accurate arms has lots of data. I have had great results with #7

05-25-2004, 15:32
I hope you will allow me to sneak in here with an unusual reloading problem.

I've been reloading this caliber for about 4 years. For the past couple of years, I've been using 12.5 - 13.0 grains of AA#9.

I enjoy great performance for the first few dozen rounds and then failures to go into battery problems begin and get progressively worse. I have eight .357SIG handguns, some have stock barrels, some use Bar-Sto barrels, some use KKM barrels and two Federal Arms barrels and this problem occurs in them all. If I scrub the chamber with a dry bore brush, the problem goes away, but will return if I continue shooting.

I've tried many varieties of quality bullets, both plated and copper jacketed and there is no difference. I've come to the conclusion that it must be powder residue buildup...I just don't know why. I've NEVER heard of anyone else complain about this problem.

Any ideas/comments?

05-25-2004, 17:15
#9 may be leaving un burnt powder or excessive powder residue. Try #7 or any other pistol powder but not shotgun powder as it leaves too much residue also. You could try magnum primmers, but will possibly need to lower the charge weight.
The Accurate Number Two manual shows 11.7grs to 13.0grs for a 124 grs Gold Dot bullet, try cutting your charge to 11.7grs and see if that helps.


05-25-2004, 17:34
I was wondering if my crimp was insufficient. While it seems to hold the bullet in place and I don't see evidence of setback, I try not to be too heavy-handed with the crimp so as not to distort the case shoulder.

06-21-2004, 05:55
RCBS dies have a roll crimp and a 2 die set.I was using them but I just picked a Redding 3 die set with a taper crimp and I going to find out how they compare.

07-14-2004, 16:33
Originally posted by Catbird
I hope you will allow me to sneak in here with an unusual reloading problem.

I've been using 12.5 - 13.0 grains of AA#9.

Any ideas/comments?

I've only dabbled a little with AA#7 with respect to Accurate Arms in this caliber. Maybe it is some unburnt powder. Do you crimp enough? Do you use magnum primers? Most powders burn most efficiently at near max or max pressure for a given caliber.

I use the lowly and humble Alliant Unique for my 357 Sig reloads. Using 124 gr plated bullets and 8.0 grains of powder, my chrono recorded an average of 1402 FPS at a ten feet distance. I'm sure this is not a max load either. No unburnt powder (flakes spattered on my arms) and the cases do appear clean internally.


07-14-2004, 17:25
A very wise fellow reloader on another gun-related board knew exactly what the problem was and it has now been fixed. I needed to bump the case shoulder back a little further with my sizing die... about .002" or so. I had two possible options to accomplish this. I could either remove some steel from the bottom of the die or remove some steel from the top of the shellholder. I chose the latter option. All of my .357SIG reloads perform perfectly now.

The tolerence of my sizing die didn't allow for the accumulation of any unburned powder residue.

07-14-2004, 18:43
That's interesting to know.I just switched from RCBS dies to Redding dies and they came with rifle die instructions rather than tapered crimp pistol die instructions.I always worry about pushing the shoulder back too far.With straight wall pistol cases I set the die to touch the shellplate.With rifle dies I leave the proper gap.So it looks like with at least some 357 Sig dies they are making them to use like other pistol dies.Catbird,what dies are you using?

07-14-2004, 19:03
My .357SIG dies are RCBS. I followed the printed instructions and adjusted the sizing die down till it touched the shellholder and then turned it 1/2 turn further. This obviously didn't allow my cases to go far enough into the die. Thinning the shellholder a tad cured the problem instantly.

(The shellholder was NOT out of spec. before I modified it.)

This problem had previously caused me quite a bit of frustration as I experimented first with THIS and then THAT to no avail.

I came very close to calling it quits and ordering a set of Dillon dies...glad I didn't have to. ;)

07-15-2004, 00:28
Thanks for the info Catbird.Redding use to make 357 Sig Dies with a roll crimp and a taper crimp die was an option.Now they supply a taper crimp die with the set.Maybe I'll get a Redding shell holder to match it.I want to compare the bullet holding of both dies on 9mm bullets.Redding even makes taper crimp dies for 38/357 and 44.That might interesting for loading 9mm bullets in 38 Special/357 magnum cases.BuffaloBo my Speer manual list 8.0 grains of Unique as a max load with their 125 grain bullets.their starting load is 7.2 grains for 1231 fps and a max of 8.0 grains for 1344 fps.Alliant list 7.5 grains of Unique as max load for 1300 fps.

08-06-2004, 13:32
Catbird,I tried out the Redding dies.They size like a rifle die set not a pistol die.I must leave a gap of about one turn above the shell holder with them.The RCBS die goes to the shell holder like a normal straight wall pistol die.The only thing that worries me is damaging the cases by pushing the shoulder back to far.They take a bit of setting up and come with three dies.One is just an expander die.I was hoping to avoid that step but the sizing die really squeezes the case necks.The taper crimp is really nice and really holds the bullets well.The bullet seater surounds the hollow point of the Gold Dot bullets and keeps it from crushing.I use mostly FMJ's though.The 125 grain Sierra hollow points are the least accurate 357 Sig bullets so far.Not terrible but less accurate than others.

08-06-2004, 13:51
This time I loaded 125 grain Gold Dots with 10 grains of IMR-800X.I haven't tried this powder in 357 Sig before but the data on IMR's website looks interesting.Their velocities are from a 5 inch barrel.I'll be trying them from my G-33. http://www.imrpowder.com/data/handgun/357sig.php

08-06-2004, 15:34
I recently found a reputable source for a 357SIG case gauge. I ordered it a couple of days ago, but haven't received it yet.

This will certainly be an important addition to my reloading equipment. :)

08-06-2004, 15:45
That's what I've been looking for.It would make setting up these dies easier.

08-07-2004, 17:38
Redding sells a seperate taper crimp die for 357 Sig.Part number 85434.The crimp die in the die set is combined with the bullet seater.They also make a trim die.Part number 83434.The bullet seat plug in the die set is a semi wadcutter design.One of my friends also had the problem with his RCBS die where it wouldn't bump the shoulder far enough.He had to take some metal off the top of his shell holder.I guess could try different brands of shell holders might work too.I bought a Redding one to go with my Redding die set.

08-07-2004, 18:04
Originally posted by Washington,D.C.
I guess could try different brands of shell holders might work too.
I have 3 different shellholders for the 10mm/357SIG/.40S&W and they all had different height measurements. I modified my shortest one and will use just that one for 357SIG.

Big Bird
12-29-2004, 21:26
I've been following this thread with interest because I own a .357 sig and its one the the few cartridges I don't reload for yet. After reading quite a few articles about this cartridge a couple of things seem to stand out in my mind. Handgunners who don't reload bottleneck rifle cartridges seem to have some trouble with this round in terms of resizing and there seems to be great variation in dies...
I reload most of my high volume handgun rounds on my Dillon 550. Over the years I've really come to appreciate the genius behind the design of the Dillon pistol dies...and I've owned em all from RCBS, to Lee, to Redding and Lyman. Now most of my rifle dies are Redding...a few Forster and RCBS sets thrown in. So I like the Dillon dies because they come with a separate crimp die and one thing about crimping cartridges...good roll crimps are very dependant on consistent case length and because I never trim my pistol cases (nor do I ever intend to do so) I try to stay away from roll crimps except for my heavy recoiling guns using cast bullets with a defined crimp groove. For that reason I think I'll stay with the taper crimp for the .357 Sig when I start loading. Of course, in rifle ammo probably the best crimp is none...but if you have to have a crimp the Lee factory crimp die is worth its weight in gold. I'm hoping they will make one in .357 Sig because that seems like it would solve quite a few problems (case length isn't critical with the Lee crimp die).
I just checked the Midway USA website and they offer the Lee crimp dies in .357 Sig for $18

12-30-2004, 06:52
I just checked the Midway USA website and they offer the Lee crimp dies in .357 Sig for $18
You are right!

"Lee Factory Crimp Die 357 Sig
Product #: 892254
Status: Available Only 2 Available!
Our Price: $17.99"

Big Bird
01-29-2005, 08:39
I got my Dillon 550b up and running last night with .357 Sig. (groan...I can't believe I reload for ANOTHER caliber...30 something)
In any case, the Dillon dies are awesome...as usual. The taper crimp leaves a heck of a crimp grove in the Ranier 124 FMJ bullets and no amunt of pushing on my part could move that bullet into the case. I started with 8.3 grains of Power Pistol. Loaded 50 rounds ant test fit some in my Glock and Sig barrels. Hopefully will get out to the farm this weekend to see how this load runs/feeds.
I disassembled a few test rounds with an inertia bullet puller and it took quite a few wacks to release the bullet.
If you haven't tried Dillon pistol dies, especially if you load lead bullets...you should. The seater and crimp dies have a removeable insert that allows you to take the die apart with a big cotter pin and clean them and reassemble without changing your crimp or seating length. I have them for all my pistol calibers except .475 Linebaugh. They aren't as pretty as a set of Redding dies (which I own for all my rifle calibers) but they run great in high volume reloading jobs...

Big Bird
01-30-2005, 15:37
Took the guns out for a spin with my reloads this afternoon...they functioned fine. 8.3 grains of Power pistol is rather anemic compared to Double Tap or even Gold Dots. But I will say this about Power Pistol powder...if you fail to hit the bad guy with your bullets you can at least be comforted in the knowledge that you have blinded him at the very least and with a little bit of luck you also have set him on fire!!!! Man that stuff has some muzzle flash...

01-30-2005, 16:18
Power Pistol is very flashy.I have tried hotter loads.I like Ramshot Silhouette, it's flash retardant.

01-30-2005, 16:27
Are you getting your Ramshot Silhouette locally or are you ordering it online? I only have 1/2 pound WAP remaining and am starting to get nervous.

01-30-2005, 16:30
What I have now I bought at the Bealton show from the dealer against the front wall.

01-30-2005, 16:57
Okay, I know who you mean. I usually get my reloading supplies at Bealeton also, but a different vendor (Tom Drinkwater). Next show, I'll pick some up.

147 Grain
08-07-2005, 23:49
Objective Ranger T Tests comparing 9mm 124-gr. +P (RA9124TP) @ 1,180 fps / 127-gr. +P+ (RA9TA) @ 1,250 fps / 147-gr. (RA9T) @ 990 fps, and 357 Sig 125-gr. (RA357SIGT) @ 1,350 fps:

9mm: 124-gr. = 12.2 & .70
9mm: 127-gr. = 12.3 & .64
9mm: 147-gr. = 13.9 & .65
357Sig 125gr. = 10.9 & .63

4-Ply Denim
9mm: 124-gr. = 13.9 & .67
9mm: 127-gr. = 12.5 & .68
9mm: 147-gr. = 14.5 & .66
357Sig 125gr. = 12.1 & .66

Heavy Cloth
9mm: 124-gr. = 13.3 & .68
9mm: 127-gr. = 12.2 & .68
9mm: 147-gr. = 14.0 & .66
357Sig 125gr. = 10.7 & .69

Source: Winchester's 2005 LE Catalog (page 19).

08-15-2005, 13:29
Show me a 147gr 9mm out perform a 147gr 357sig. I have seen you post this crap at more than one thread on this forum alone. There was a new gun mag that I just picked up that had an article on the SXT bullets and the only thing the 147 SXT 9mm did better and not on every test was penetrate and that was up against not only the other 9mm loadings but the 40, 45 and 357sig.

The penetration of a heavier bullet is kind of a norm. What I can tell you for sure is this, the 124gr Gold Dot and the 127gr Ranger +p+ are the number one stoppers being used by LE not the 147gr. It is a bullet, if used correctly it will do what it is supposed to.

You can debate that LE may not know what they are talking about all you want but hey they shoot people all the time and the number one 9mm offering on the market right now based on people shootings is the 124gr Gold Dot, maybe because just one department makes up 33,000 people that carry it but hey, it is numbers.

That chart did one thing for me, it told me that when you compare a bunch of 124gr-127gr bullets to a 147gr bullet the 147gr penetrated a couple inches deeper, big deal! The only thing that makes this an even worth while bullet was because the big companies put a good hp in it.

When everyone was flopping around about it being the be all end all in handgun performance the test in the field showed that it performed so miserably that they were disgusted with it that they bought different ammo. The only thing that it did was penetrate. The 38LRN 158gr bullet did that well to.

Edited to add what a 125gr Gold Dot will do at speed:
From Mike at DT

All of these tests were done using 10% ballistic gelatin provided by Vyse gelatin using all FBI protocols and 4 layers of denim and two layers of light cotton T-shirt in front of the gelatin.

DoubleTap .357 Sig
125gr Gold Dot JHP @ 1450fps - 14.5" / .66"

You probably do not want to see what a 147gr Gold Dot at 357 sig speeds will do, it may hurt your feelings!

06-24-2007, 12:51
I think the .357 SIG reloaders will find this interesting.


12-26-2007, 14:29
Accurate arms has lots of data. I have had great results with #7

I'm also a fan of AA#7 in the 357sig. Good accuracy & uniform, high vel. Getting 124gr@1350fps from a 4 1/4" bbl. is pretty easy. Dillon dies are the only way to go IMO.

07-03-2009, 21:09
Sig Forum 357 Sig Reloading



Ed Ely
11-21-2009, 19:02
An almost resurrected thread.
Where are all the .357SIGers?


11-21-2009, 19:37
I found a great load with AA-9. I tried Blue Dot and AA-7, but #9 works best. I still scare the other shooters with my 9mm. LOL

04-12-2010, 07:15
I'll bring some life back into this thread.

I'm looking for a low-flash 357SIG powder.

I'm reading which ones are NOT low-flash.

'da Kid

04-12-2010, 10:08
Aa-7 & aa-9

05-03-2010, 16:12
I'll bring some life back into this thread.

I'm looking for a low-flash 357SIG powder.

I'm reading which ones are NOT low-flash.

'da Kid

See http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_m0BTT/is_190_31/ai_n27380935/pg_5/?tag=content;col1 , p. 5.

Universal, A#7, and HS-6.

05-03-2010, 16:17
Aa-7, aa-9

04-16-2011, 20:22
Anyone got some good AA7 loads that'll work with Berry's Plated 124gr? (Berry's recommends keeping velocity under 1250)

06-06-2011, 13:41
Finally got out to chrono some different recipes out of an M&P357

Accurate Arms #7 Data COL- 1.135 WSP primer Zero 125 gr FP Once-fired brass, mixed headstamp
Charge Avg. Velocity SD ES Sample Size Notes
11 1318 21.57 61 11
11.2 1350 16.16 45 12
11.4 1381 22.34 62 6
11.6 1385 21.09 74 8
11.8 1396 10.37 49 15 Some very slight primer flattening. Very consistent, accurate load.

Longshot Data COL- 1.135 WSP primer Zero 125 gr FP Once-fired brass, mixed headstamp
Charge Avg. Velocity SD ES Sample Size Notes
8.8 1347 19.44 72 39
9 1385 18.15 46 7
9.2 1372 45.37 95 6
9.4 1409 35.68 118 9 pretty significant fireball, horribly inconsistent. Maybe magnum primers needed for better ignition?

DISCLAIMER: c5367 makes no representations as to the safety of this data in your gun. You are responsible for your own actions. c5367 recommends that you learn and follow safe reloading practices. Taking random data posted by people with obscure names like c5367 and using it without a proper work up is NOT a safe reloading practice.

06-14-2011, 22:36
13.0 of AA-9 max is 1386 fps. My accuracy load is 12.5.No trouble with Rainiers.

08-25-2011, 13:54
i use a Dillon 550b.i use DuPont SR7625,low flash,very clean.when i want to show off i use Blue Dot,LOTS of flash.i have a Barstow 375 barrel for a CZ75 that i no longer own,this i use as a guage.

09-26-2011, 13:10
Took a pic:

09-26-2011, 16:55
I'm looking for a low-flash 357SIG powder. I'm reading which ones are NOT low-flash.

I've researched this--perhaps you've already seen it.


I've developed a great reload with the long 125g. Barnes TAC-XP all-copper bullet, developing about 1360FPS at 10' from a 4.5" barrel:
Speer nickel cases, WSP primers, 9.2g. HS-6, OAL 1.135 - 1.140". That powder charge is slightly compressed with the long bullet, but it works very well.

12-31-2012, 12:01
noticed a difference in dies.the shoulder is higher with lee dies.
first one from left to right is sized with lee 40s&w then with hornady 357 sig.
second one is with just hornady die
third is with lee die

02-13-2014, 19:11
I did a pull down of the Underwood 357SIG, these cartridges were sent to me by a guy whose gun was damaged by a case blowout, but I suspect he had a bullet setback issue that caused the case blowout...

Cartridge is from Ammo Manufacture: Underwood 125gr Bonded FMJ
Ballistics Information: 357 SIG
Muzzle Velocity: 1475 fps
Muzzle Energy: 603 ft. lbs
Brass Make/Headstamp: Star Line-Brass
Bullet Make/Weight/Construction/Info; Length 0.5400"/Dia. 0.3555":
125gr. JHP Actual weight 125.6 grains / 124.2 grains / 124.6 grains
C.O.A.L.: 1.1240" / 1.1235" / 1.1330"
Primer: Brass color
Case: Diameter 0.4220" all
Crimp Diameter 0.3785" / 0.3790" / 0.3790" crimp medium
Length 0.8600" / 0.8610" / 0.8600"
Powder Description/Positive ID/Type/ LongShot
Charge Weight: (3 pulled)
9.8 grains
10.0 grains
10.0 grains





The plastic tray that the cartridges were shipped in was damaged, may have experienced hard drop at some point. This is why I suspected the setback possibility.

Hodgdon data shows 124gr Hdy XTP using 9.3 grains LongShot @ 1429 fps 37,900 psi (inside MAP)
Max average pressure for the 357Sig is 40,000psi

Use at your own risk!

02-13-2014, 19:23
noticed a difference in dies.the shoulder is higher with lee dies.
first one from left to right is sized with lee 40s&w then with hornady 357 sig.
second one is with just hornady die
third is with lee die

Some 357Sig dies will over size the brass setting the shoulder back too deep. Your die maybe over sizing and pushing the shoulder back too much. You can check the case inside you barrel's chamber, you want the casing to fit flush to no less than 0.002" below the barrel hood.

I started with LEE dies at first, but they started maring the cases even using casing lube...I since invested in the Dillon dies for the 357Sig, because of the dual carbide sizing sections. This has been a great set to work the brass to fit my chambers, and well worth the price.

I use a LEE 10mm/40S&W FCD die with its guts removed as a pass thru die to recondition my 357Sig brass, in addition to the 10mm, 40S&W, and 9x25 Dillon brass. While this is an extra step it has great benefits using range brass for my projects.

Good luck!