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02-09-2004, 13:03
Okay the common debate of Black & tans has been asked again here on GT.

What do you use in you're black&tan?

I myself like 50/50 Guinness /Harp or something around 40/60. Some folks I know like Bass and few even Bud or some other common American Pilsner or Lager.

02-09-2004, 18:07
Guiness and Bass is a "Black and Tan"
" and Harp is a "Half and Half"
" and Celis White is a "Cream of Wheat"
" and Cider is a "Black Velvet"
" and Pilsner is a "Black Czech"

I like "Chocolate Truffles", Youngs Chocolate Stout and Framboise :)

For a real sweet lady's drink, try Ace Pear and Framboise, sometimes called "Hummingbird Water".

02-09-2004, 19:14
pour 8oz. of bass then pour 8 oz. of guiness over the backside of a spoon to layer it perfectly in the pint glass

02-09-2004, 19:42
For a black and tan? Murphy's or Guinness and Bass Ale.

Originally posted by jason10mm
I like "Chocolate Truffles", Youngs Chocolate Stout and Framboise

I have done this before with Murphy's Stout. Pretty good stuff!

02-09-2004, 19:52
F1 has it right. Mmmmm, me thirsty.