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02-12-2004, 12:58
hey all, i was wondering if there were any fly fisherman here at GT. (surely there has to be.) i have played around with the idea of fly fishing a couple of times in the past but never really persued it.

this year i decided it was time. so i got online, got a few recommendations for basic equipment and a few hundred $'s later i have some nice toys. now, a friend and i have decided to enter this adventure together so we planned a 5 day trip to the Western North Carolina mountains to pursue trout. we have signed up with what seems to be a reputable guide so we feel pretty good about our chances for success. a couple of good books seem to have taught us basic casting, knot-tying, and other general information which we have been practicing with the last couple of weeks. we have also decided to camp during the 5 day period. it will be a bit cool as we are going in mid-march but that doesn't bother us too much. we have plenty of wood lined up, good cold-weather gear, and high spirits anticipating our trip.

i like to learn as much as i can about anything i give my time to. that is where you all will come in. i have read a couple of "must-have" lists and agree with a lot of the equipment on them. however, what do people usually use when fly fishing. i don't want to stuff a ton of tools, lines/leaders/etc. into my new fly vest. also, i need recommendations on a good hat to use. usually it is just a ball cap but i would like something a little more authentic to fly fishing. thanks in advance.


02-12-2004, 13:17
I fly fish. Albeit, salt water only,now.

However, when I started. I got caught up in the elitist "art of fly fishing" attitude. I needed all the trendy gear and desperately wanted to "look" the part. All it got me was a bunch of crap you dont need and an empty bank account.

Go minimalist. All you really need is a small fly box and a few flies for the area. A shirt with pockets or a basic vest (not the $125 ones), and a pair of $.99 nail clippers on a retractible lanyard. No need for specialized fly line. I have 5 spare spools with lines for different conditions. I only use 2. Same with leaders and knots.

The basic fly patterns work best. The thousands of other patterns and new material only catch fisherman.

Basically, any hobby is the same as another. When you first got into guns, you probably went nuts and wanted this and that. Cool gimmics caught your eye(and money) but in the end you're back to the basics. Same with fly fishing. Save time and money and stick to the basics.

02-12-2004, 13:45
outdoor forums (

These are some outdoors forums. the is a flyfishing one.

02-12-2004, 23:55
I hear ya! We've had snow on the ground since October and all my favorite mountain lakes are frozen solid and will remain in said(unfishable) condition until June. Right now there's about 6-10' of snow up there so no ice fishing for me (I don't own a snowmobile either). The high mountain lakes and creeks around these parts are full of trout (Westslope Cutts, Rainbow, Kokanee Salmon, big Brookies and Lake Trout). I can't wait 'til summer!!!

My favorite rig is a 5 piece, 8',5 wgt (el cheapo) LL Bean model and a (not much nicer) reel with good WF floating line. To me, the reel simply holds line, so I therefore don't need that fancy "Orifice" stuff or is it Orvis (can't remember). I only go up there with terrestrials, gnats (midges) etc. and some nymphs. The hikes are long and the less equipment to carry the better. Doing an overnighter is awesome, and the landscape is unbeatable.

If you get a chance, come out West, you'll love the fly fishing.

Good luck on your trip!

02-13-2004, 00:29
Well, I have found that swinging a line around in the air and not getting it caught on something is one thing. Catching one of those wiley trout.....thats another. Have fun and good luck.

02-13-2004, 15:08

i have already started planning a trip out west. i found a place in Montana at a place called BigHorn Fly & Tackle. they have what seems to be a pretty good package for about $900/per for 4 days/3 nights. i have to do some more research before i decide to book with them though. i am thinking maybe August, just before our deer season starts back up...

02-17-2004, 21:04
I use fly fishing gear to catch pan fish--its a blast!!! I carry a tiny fly box along with my regular fishing tackle bag and that way i can fish with regular spin/bait casters as well.If i get into a great looking cove--out comes the fly rod!! I love to use it along side my conventional gear for bass..

02-20-2004, 07:39
hey dog, i plan on using my fly setup for local species too. i remember as a kid a friend and i would take his father's gear to a local pond and catch small bass, bream, and crappie on rooster tails and light spoons. it was very fun.

02-20-2004, 08:14
Fly fishing is fun, but it is also addictive. Especially if you get into tying your own flies. So be very very careful, or you will end up like a friend of mine. He now has (get this) $3000 worth of FEATHERS stored away in his basement. Along with various other fly tying equipment.

Don't you just love it when you find a new hobby?;f

02-20-2004, 13:26
Originally posted by HeyMoe
Fly fishing is fun, but it is also addictive. Especially if you get into tying your own flies. So be very very careful, or you will end up like a friend of mine. He now has (get this) $3000 worth of FEATHERS stored away in his basement. Along with various other fly tying equipment.

Don't you just love it when you find a new hobby?;f

moe, i am learning that quickly. i probably already have a $1000 in stuff for this trip and i haven't even casted the first line. my wife doesn't seem to think that is normal....:).

02-20-2004, 22:39
shrpshtr, Good luck in WNC. I grew up there and have fished alot of areas including Nanatahala, Snowbird Creek , Hiawassee River, Fire's Creek and several rivers & streams in and around Boone.
I caught my first trout on a fly on the upper Nantahala. Since then I've only caught a couple of dozen on fly. I still fish ultralight tackle as well. I have many fond memories of trout fishing in WNC. Enjoy it!
I know the feeling about spending $$$ and not having any fish in the pan to show for it. I just bought 3 Teton reels, a Teton 5LA, a Tioga 6LA and a Tioga 8-10 LA. We had them on clearance where I work and I couldn't pass them up. I now have nearly $500 worth of flyreels for a little over $200. Nope, don't need any more flyreels for awhile.
I put the Teton 5 Large Arbor on a St. Croix Avid 8ft 4wt and spooled it up with 4wt WF line.
I want to get a St. Croix Legend Ultra 9ft 6wt for the 6LA reel and then I'll be set until I go for bigger stuff or saltwater.

02-26-2004, 16:05
Much like Gator, I went thru the phases of having to have all the gizmo's.... There in a box somewhere. It does get addicting if your a patient person.
I just completed building a match set (one for the wife) of 7ft 2wt rods for fishing the small streams near my house. That was a great winter project.

If ya ever ( or anybody for that matter) want to head out to Colorado, post a request and I'd be happy to help if I can.


02-27-2004, 07:38
wfr, i am a sucker for a good deal. occasionally, if the deal is good enough, i'll buy things i don't even need or want. i need to stop doing that. i usually don't get that lucky though. prime example, my buddy and i went to the Fly Show in Charlotte, NC this past weekend. it was pretty cool. my first. anyway, at one of the booths, they have $150 pair of polarized orvis sunglasses marked down to $40. of course, they didn't fit my big head. my buddy was able to work it out though. between that and the $100 columbia vest he picked up for $20 he made out like a bandit. and i got to hear about it the entire drive to Bass Pro. oh well.

Elk-ruser, if you find that box and don't particular want to hang on to the fly-fishing stuff that's in it, i will gladly help you dispose of it...:). i did look at the rod building supplies at the previously mentioned fly show and thought it would be pretty neat to build one myself. maybe in time, i need to master fishing before i try that stuff.

btw, i might take you up on that offer about Colorado...thanks.