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02-13-2004, 14:13
Ok, the V.D. is not what you'd think(it's Valentine's Day), but I knew fans of sliders would dig this thread.
I asked my daughter who turned 8 what she wanted for her birthday dinner. She wanted White Castles.
I drove down to the nearest Temple of Flatulence and was astounded by what I read on the door. It was a beautifully decorated poster that read:
Take your sweetheart to White Castle for Valentine's Day. We will feature:
Your own server
Candlelight dining
Linen covered tables
Hostess seating.
Reservations only, please.

What a great idea! If we hadn't eaten there a couple nights ago, I would have loved to take my wife there.
My Mom would have loved this idea, not only was she a Whitey's fan, she loved Valentine's Day.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

02-13-2004, 16:33
This is a joke right? ;g
I'm heading down to my local WC to check this out! ;f

02-14-2004, 08:25
Nope, not at all.
Most of the Castles in St. Paul/Mpls are participating. Maybe it's just a regional thing.

The Pontificator
02-14-2004, 09:54
I didn't know you could get VD by eating at Whitle Castle!

02-15-2004, 16:05
ahhhhh white castles.......The only thing I miss about not living in Ohio anymore. I can just taste the jalapeno(sp?) cheese burgers and onion chips now.

truckstop cop
02-19-2004, 16:35
only one thing comes to mind if i even thought about doing that,,i'm going through the big D and dont mean Dallas....