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02-16-2004, 10:40
i've seen a lot of chefs touting the great taste of truffle oil. i see it in the store all the time and just haven't gotten around to buying any yet. it's not cheap though - a very small (maybe 6-8 oz. or so) bottle cost around $10.99.

this is for "black" truffle oil. i know "white" truffles are EXTREMELY expensive, something like $1000.00 a pound (maybe it's the other way around, but i can't remember for sure)!! ;P ;P ;P

anyone try it before? does it really enhance the flavor of your salads and other dishes?

02-16-2004, 12:55
Maybe it's just me, but I hated it. I love mushrooms, pick morels; you name it I eat it. Truffle oil, to me, tasted like strong mold. I got mine free when I ran an italian deli. It was white truffle oil. ICK!

02-16-2004, 18:50
You're suppose to use just a bit of the truffle oil to improve the flavor. Too much is nasty.

02-22-2004, 15:47
Truffle oil is wooooonderful but it's an acquired taste for sure. I used to hate it. I thought it tasted like a combination of garlic, onions and dirt. But somehow, I aquired a taste for it and now I love it.

BUT use it sparingly. It can be overwhelming if you're not careful. :)


02-22-2004, 16:30
Shoeless, you have just convinced me to try it!

Anything that tastes like garlic and onions has to be good;e

02-23-2004, 15:00
One thing to consider, since truffles have become the "in" thing there is a lot of fake truffle oil on the market. Make sure you get it from a reputable source (Dean & Deluca) is my choice. A lot of people have been turned off by the fake stuff, some of it is pretty gross.

Now, fresh truffles... That's heaven