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02-17-2004, 08:40
If you could live anywhere in the USA, where and why would you choose that area? I'm about to have the opportunit to go wherever I want to retire and love hunting and the great outdoors. Thanks for your input!:)

02-17-2004, 08:50
Depends on what you are hunting for...

02-17-2004, 10:36
It does depend. I love AZ for predator hunting, upland birds and big game, but if you're looking for waterfowl this isn't the place.

02-17-2004, 11:54
simple, Texas

great for predators, upland game, waterfowl and deer is plenty. Most locations over a wide extremes from the hill country to flat desert areas of w.texas to the rolling plains area of the panhandle. It is the biggest state iside of the union and surely offers alot of game & wildlife.

Also fishing is hot in the numerous rivers and inshore and/or offshore has plentiful of fish most of the time in the warmer waters of the gulf over alonger period of time.

I can't think of one thing that texas doesn't have outside of a Polar and Grizzly bear.

here's just a list of the few animals and fish

ducks +coots
speckle perch

P.S> Also texas is suppose to be rate #2 ( us stateswide) in waterfowl since it sits on 3 flyways.

02-17-2004, 12:12
like previously posted, it depends on what your hunting/fishing for.

deer (longest season in the country...aug 15-jan 1 each year)
hogs (year round)
pheasant (not native)
mink muskrat

bass (large/small, stripers, etc.)
saltwater fishing (unlimited speicies)

the only thing i travel to hunt is big game (elk, caribou, brown bear, pronghorn, bighorn, etc.) and ducks (can't get enough of them..:))

02-17-2004, 12:28
I LOVE deer hunting but also want to hunt other big game, like elk, bear, cougar and predators. Sounds like I need to head west.:)
What about you??

02-17-2004, 13:26
Every thing you mention above, texas has and is not to far from OK.

One other thing, Texas has the biggest herds of wild and non-native deer/elk game ( axis,blacktail,caribou,etc..........) Alot of ranch brought these foreign species to texas since the enviroment was friendly to them . The have done very good and contiune to plenish themselves.

Also you can still find Buffalo ( just like OK ) running around near the upper OK/TX and Panhandle area.

02-17-2004, 13:44
For those of you that said Texas, must be nice... I just moved to Texas and have noticed that unless you are made of money you can forget hunting here. Almost all of the land is private and the land owners charge a crazy amount for a lease, I have heard in my area up to $5000.00 a gun. I do not have that kind of money. Then there are the tens of thousands of acre's of government land. They only allow waterowl hunting. However, one can pay for a hunting license, then pay for a permit to hunt on management land, then pay for an application for a drawing to hunt something other than waterfowl on the land. Then by some extreme chance you do get picked you get to pay another fee for being picked. If you don't get picked, all that money gone. Sounds great to me. If by some chance I am missing something please let me know...Otherwise Texas sucks.

02-17-2004, 14:49
Will Fl has 7million + acres of land free to the public to hunt on. Some have drawings and/or special applications and most do not. But your games species and conditions are poor to fair and deer is not a BIG item that draws folks down here to hunt. ;f

Granted hunting private land any where is expensive, but texas still has alot of game and wildlife available.

02-17-2004, 16:00

02-17-2004, 16:29
To: Noway, and allhowl,

I "totally agree" with you both!

Being a native Okie, now in west Tx. ( i thought to stay true to my native state), i would put Oklahoma on the post first! :)
Love N.W. Okla.

But 'both' have everything a man could ask for in hunting needs.
(not to take away from any other wonderful state out there of course)!

The quail did not do so well in this part of Tx. this year, but i am
hopeful for the near future.


You are also very correct! But i have never had to hunt on public land. That is a bummer, and the prices in most of the hunting areas in Tx. are really crazy. i 'am not' a fan of 'exotic hunts,' so that does not concern me. we have guided hunts for deer and turkey. And my brother , on his ranch near ft. davis, for deer and lion. For me now it is mostly guiding all turkey hunts period. we 'do not' believe in the 'high rate plan,' and if you look, you can find those who are very, very reasonable on their prices, if you stay away from the big 'exotic ranches'. Our ranches in west texas will run small, at 36,000 acres, and medium at over 200,000 acres. 'no exotics', just what has been roaming there for a jillion years. And there is plenty of game! If you do your home work, and "must pay to hunt," you can still find good service at a very fair price.... "Just be careful."

Now if "i" only had time to hunt............ :(


02-18-2004, 07:04
Michigan has a lot to offer.

02-18-2004, 07:21
My dad retired about 12 years ago.

He lives in Minnesota, as he has for most of his life.

But has friends and family all over the US.

His hunting season starts in late August or early September with Caribou and Moose hunting with some friends in Alaska, Gets in some Duck and goose hunting in Minnesota, usually does some Elk hunting in Wyoming, then Deer hunts in Minnesota, After the MN season is over he heads out east here to Virginia to hunt with me and my 2 boys. Our deer season starts in November doesn't end until the first week in January.

That pretty much give him 6 months of big game hunting.

Why are you limiting yourself to one state? Find someplace cheap to live with low taxes (Minnesota is not that) and travel to the really good hunting places.

02-19-2004, 08:36
With visiting other states the non-resident license can be expensive. If I'm a resident of a state which has most of all I love to hunt I can spend more time scouting and finding the honey holes in the area. I would live in a small log cabin or adobe and be happy if there was good hunting and if was just me.

Thanks for all the posts so far, is there a hunters heaven on earth??;Q

02-19-2004, 14:01
I do most of my hunting in VA or PA (depends on duty station) or just go to my dads in WV (580 acres). One day I would like to venture out in other states and give it a try.

Treadlightly, sorry to hear about Texas. That was one of the states I thought about going to.

02-19-2004, 14:09
Originally posted by InfernoDan98
Treadlightly, sorry to hear about Texas. That was one of the states I thought about going to. [/B]

Yeah, it sucks. I keep hoping that I have missed something and a Texas veteran will show me the error of my ways. Nothing yet.

02-19-2004, 18:53


Yeah, it sucks. I keep hoping that I have missed something and a Texas veteran will show me the error of my ways. Nothing yet. ( End Quote)...

Man, i thought that was exactly what i did in my post to you "above"!?

As long as you stay off of the "exotic game ranches," you can find guided hunts, or land leases, for about what you would have to pay anywhere else... you just have to do some research. There is public land as well, same as anywhere else.. as i said above, i have never had to hunt on them, cause i have always cowboyed on a ranch, or got brothers and family who own ranches. And as i said we do guided turkey hunts, and we do not scalp the customer. We will even be taking western actor, "Buck Taylor," ( newly on gunsmoke,) on a gobbler hunt this spring.

Again, stay away from the 'exotic' ranches, and you won't have to pay the higher cost, or just hunt on the public land.

The best way, which most hunters all over the country already know, as i am sure you do as well, is to ask lots of questions, get to know some folks, even make some calls to ranchers you find on the internet.
look up 'east or west Texas ranches," (depending on which way you want to travel), and make some calls, do some foot work, and see what happens..

I really do wish you the best, i know it can be frustrating, but you will find a good spot, if you stick with it, and do a lot of asking around. e.g. at the gun ranges, gun stores, hunting clubs, internet, (as i suggested), and any place you can find frankly.

Just cause you are the "new guy" here... that does not mean you cannot make this work for yourself.. you got to give it some time, and effort, and it "will" come together for ya man! :)

Let me close with this... not that it doesn't still happen now, but i remember when i cowboyed on the ranch in oklahoma, we would have, and my other rancher friends would have, folks from the big city, come way out there to 'no mans land,' and just drive up and down the roads and ask folks at different ranches if they could hunt. lots of strike outs, yep, "BUT," eventually, most folks will find a place that will welcome them. If they prove to be curtious, and take care of the property, and not tear up the place, etc.etc. they were usually always welcome back..

Put these suggestions to work for yourself, and see what happens, before you 'develop a negitive attitute towards the thing'.

I know it is always hard for folks to leave what they were used to, and go somewhere new.... but, there is "ALWAYS" something there for a guy if he works at it.

Sure hope this will encourage you !

Good luck Hoss !


02-20-2004, 06:11
Take a look at Michigan....Hunting here is fantastic and as far as Fishing goes.....Ever hear of the "Great Lakes". JMTCW....Trapfan;Q

02-20-2004, 07:32
Trapfan whats area of Michigan that you suggest?

Doesn't the southern 1/2 of the state restrict deer hunting to bows and shotguns? Nothing wrong with shotguns but I have too many great rifles that I love to hunt with. I once visited Michigan for a few days (hunted in northern Indiana on public land) & it stayed overcast for several days and was a little depressing, if you know what I mean. Also what about hunting access & hunting pressure, there must be a million deer hunters right?

02-20-2004, 09:08
I can literally shoot & hit the rifle zone from one of my stands allhowl, I’m that close. :)

Learn all you need directly from the Michigan DNR here at their www sight: http://www.michigan.gov/dnr

I have plenty of info for you about hunting in Michigan, but that’s a lot to write… I can give you a call if you’d like? A lot easier that way!

Let me know via the little buttons at the bottom of this post…

King in Yellow
02-20-2004, 19:10
Alaska laughs at you all.

02-20-2004, 21:43
King in Yellow,

Now if you only had the pleasure of hunting Prarie Chickens there!
That, you don't have! :)


02-21-2004, 21:54
The Grouse you refer to as a Prarie Chicken in your area would be called a Sage Chicken in the deserts of the Rocky Mtn. States and a Pine Hen in the forests of the Rocky MTN States, in Alaska they are called a Spruce Hen and we have more than enough to go around. ;)

02-22-2004, 11:45
Sounds good !