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02-18-2004, 17:51
Whats a good price and time for delivery on getting game mounted?

I have a snipe and florida mallard that I want to get mounted. I have cards for 2 taxidermist with a big 35 dollars difference between them. Anything to look for in the quality of the mount? whats the normal turn around ? Both guys gave me a a 1-3 months turn around.

Alpha Male
02-19-2004, 14:20
That seems REALLY too fast of a turn around, especially when most guys are still up to their arses in heads from the fall. Me thinks your 1-3 months may turn into 6.

Go look at the work. With taxidermy, like many other endeavors, there are many 'right' ways to accomplish the same goal. Both of the specimens you list are notorious for having very thin skin. It is very easily damaged during fleshing. If the specimens are not FULLY mature WELL feathered birds, you will end up with a substandard mount. Ask the taxidermists about pin feathers. I just did a Michigan red head for a guy... a juvenile drake. The loss of pin feathers from around the head and neck severely limited the options when it came to how it was to be mounted. Most reputable taxidermists will explain up front what you can expect from the specimen you bring in. If they don't look at the UNFROZEN carcass before taking your money, walk away.

I get $175 for ducks. Never did a snipe, but a woodcock earns about $125. More for extras like habitat construction. Good luck

02-19-2004, 20:04
thanks, so should I avoid a guy with a quicker turn around?

That might be a indication of a"rush job" or not alot of business which could be to quality or experiences?

For the duck I was given a quote of $140.00 per duck $130.00 if more than 2 at one time.

The snipe ( woodcock cousin ) was $115.00.

I have a bag of extra feathers from when I breasted the ducks, so if something goes wrong he can use them.

02-19-2004, 20:47
A good mount is like making wine it takes awhile but the wait is worth ever second..

Alpha Male
02-23-2004, 07:58
re: bag of feathers.


A quality bird mount relies on skin shrinkage to "set" the feathers so that the different feather groups lay naturally. Any taxidermist who agrees to mount your already breasted birds is just out to take you.

You MUST educate yourself on proper care of the carcass if you want a mounted bird. Taking out meat is not one of the options. Go to taxidermy.net for info. Good forums there...you'll learn alot.