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tree house
02-21-2004, 10:01
We are having a wicked winter in the Northeast. I have a place in Upstate NY that has been in the worst deep freeze I can remember. Lots of snow, ice, and many consecutive weeks with strings of single digit temps.

Just wondering how bad this is going to hurt the turkey and deer population. I'm less worried about the deer. I just can't imagine how the hell young turkeys can survive a winter like this.

Any opinions? Anyone in the Northeast seeing any turkey's these days?... I'm going up this weekend to dump a few hundred pounds of corn.

02-21-2004, 15:20
Turkeys are doing well in Northern NJ as far as I can tell. Seeing them all the time.

I hope the winter did kill some of the deer. Too many of those suckers running around. I did my share to help leesen the numbers this year. 16 final count and I passed on more than I could count both with the bow and the gun.

RJ Schuknecht
02-21-2004, 17:47
Originally posted by tree house
I'm going up this weekend to dump a few hundred pounds of corn. "Feeding deer hay or corn can kill them, because they cannot always digest it. Deer digestion involves protozoa and bacteria that help break down food. Different micro-organisms help digest different types of vegetation. If a deer has been feeding on aspen or willows, it has built up the micro-organisms that digest only this kind of vegetation. If this same deer suddenly fills its stomach with corn or hay, it may not have enough of the corn- and hay-digesting micro-organisms in its stomach to digest the food. A deer can starve to death with a full stomach."

Article (http://animalrangeextension.montana.edu/Articles/Wildlife/deer_tough_love.htm)

02-22-2004, 00:17
I live about 45 min. away from Syracuse, and we've had some fridgid temp.s to be sure, but I'm seeing deer and turkey just about every day, so I don't think that the kill will be abnormally high.:) wher abouts in upstate Ny is your place?

tree house
02-22-2004, 07:28
nyredneck, my place is in between oneonta and binghamton. isn't it amazing how the turkey population has come back the last 10-15 years? Growing up I never ever saw a wild turkey. now they outnumber the squirrels. thanks for the update, and good luck this spring. stay warm.

P.S. Where are you located? I'm pretty familiar with the area. I graduated Syracuse Univ. in '93.

02-22-2004, 13:03
I live in Whitesboro, right outside Utica.
Yeah, you used to never see turks anywhere, now you almost can't throw a stone in the woods without hitting one!:) Gotta love the Wild Turkey Fedration!!;f
Good luck this spring dusting those toms!!;f

tree house
02-22-2004, 18:44
RJ- thanks for the article on winter feeding. very enlightening. Don't think i'll be dropping any corn up there 'til spring. thanks for the info.

02-22-2004, 21:47
Every year our game commission tells us to expect lower counts due to hard winters and lower bear kills due to early denning and every year i see a ton of turkeys and every year many bear get it here. I believe the weather during the nesting season is more important. I think you will see a bunch