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Sta. 18
02-26-2004, 17:52
http://www.costco.com/images/ProdImagesToProd/674612.jpg Costco Link (http://www.costco.com/frameset.asp?trg=subcat%2Easp&catid=89&subid=267&hierid=208&log=&NavTop=)Then click on "Kirkland Signature Anodized Cookware Set"
I've been eyeing this cookware set at Costco for some time now. Does anyone have any experience or information on it?

It seems like a good deal for its price.

Any other suggestions for good cookware?


lethal tupperwa
02-26-2004, 18:01
But mine is the old style with the stainless inside.

I am always leery about buying teflon in a high priced set.

It does not say teflon and it does say money back so save your reciept.

But you will be pleased with how well the set works. lethal

Sta. 18
02-26-2004, 18:14
Thanks. I've heard that Costco is very good about taking returns. I wonder if they would take back a piece of non-stick cookware which has been mercilessly abused by metal utensils.

I always use nylon on my non-stick, but there's always those people who insist on using metal:( ;P ;g ;t ;1 ;6 ^2 ^4 ^8.

02-26-2004, 18:48
Costco will take ANYTHING back if you're not 100% satisfied with it AT ANY TIME. I often wonder how they stay in business with a policy like that. I'd say to go for the cookware and try it out. If it's not up to your liking, well, you know...

02-26-2004, 19:08
The pan set is very good the quality verses price outstanding. The only other option to me would by individual pans from a place like Smart and Final or a restaurant supply house--that way you'll get exactly what you need and not duplicate any pans you have.

Sta. 18
02-27-2004, 22:52
Thanks for all the input. I think I'll pick up a set of these tomorrow.

Would they get mad if I tried to return them when they get dirty???;a

Thanks again!!