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02-27-2004, 17:54
As a ten-armed member of the CEPHALOPOD class in the
MOLLUSK family, squid is related to both the OCTOPUS

Squid meat has a firm, chewy texture and mild,
somewhat sweet flavour. Also called calamari, squid
can range in size from 1 inch to the seldom seen
80-foot behemoth of the deep. Smaller squid are
marketed in fresh, frozen, canned, sun-dried and
pickled forms. They are very popular in Asian and
Mediterranean cuisines and can be found in ethnic
markets and some supermarkets.

When buying fresh squid choose those that are small
and whole with clear eyes and an ocean-fresh
fragrance. They should be refrigerated, airtight, for
no more than a day or two.

Squid can be panfried, baked, boiled, stir-fried or
coated with batter and deep-fried (((& BBQ &
Smoked))). The cooking time should always be short,
since the texture of squid becomes rubbery when

Squid is used raw by the Japanese in SUSHI dishes. The
ink can be extracted from the ink sacs and used to
color preparations like PASTA or to flavor dishes such
as calamares en su tinta ("squid in their ink"), a
popular Spanish dish. Squid are rich in protein and

02-27-2004, 17:59
Squid, octopus, cuttlefish, they all get chowed down around my joint!!!

02-27-2004, 18:04
Originally posted by fnfalman
Squid, octopus, cuttlefish, they all get chowed down around my joint!!!


Got any recipes to share?

The Pontificator
02-27-2004, 18:30
"The Calamari Diet"... ;f

Heat olive oil over medium heat in large saucepan. Gently saute one flattened clove of garlic for two minutes...do not brown or burn.

Add crushed red pepper flakes to taste and add squid rings. Saute until tender. Add to freshly cooked spaghetti and steamed broccoli pieces. generously top with freshly ground black pepper.


02-27-2004, 19:03
I love squid! ^7

02-27-2004, 19:47
-Heat oil to 350.
-Clean squid.
-Blot dry.
-Cut bodies into 1/2" rings.
-Dust pieces in flour, then dip in buttermilk, then panko or seasoned bread curmbs.
-Fry for about 30 seconds for average sized squid.
-Drain on towels.
-Season immediately with salt and pepper.

Serve with you favorite dipping sauce.

02-27-2004, 19:53
Small, fresh caught squid makes great sashimi.

02-28-2004, 22:45
Sorry, but that stuff is BAIT!!!

02-29-2004, 16:56
Squid tastes awesome in Thai dishes!!! Nice and HOT served with shrimp and chicken..;c

02-29-2004, 20:03
I just had a delicious appetizer of calamari, soaked in buttermilk, very lightly breaded and sauteed then covered with lemon juice. Excellent.

03-01-2004, 16:03
Wow - I have never fixed squid myself! Mmm sounds great.

The last time I had calamari (Fisherman's wharf -San Fran) I was very disappointed to find out they were pawning off octopus. :( It was okay, but octopus is NOT squid!! - The great batter saved it, making it edible. I had a bunch of people freaked out at the idea of eating squid, so I did not even tell them it was octopus rather than squid. Spent a week in Monterey last summer though, and ate some WONDERFUL calamari several times!

Glenn E. Meyer
03-01-2004, 16:43
Make some fetticini, saute some sliced up squid in extra virgin olive oil with lots of garlic and some onions, a touch of Tabasco or some fresh chili peppers from the garden for a little heat. Yum.

The local Chinese restaurant makes a great squid with Black Beans.

03-03-2004, 10:47
One of my favorite is Greek-style squid where you get one probably about 6" long or so, pull out the head and the guts and only use the body tube. Stuff the body with feta cheese and spinach and then sautee on open frying pan until the squid is done.

A similar Vietnamese dish is also to be had except that the stuffing is made out of ground pork, vermicelli and mushroom.

03-12-2004, 11:39
Lightly sautee the squid in olive oil with red pepper seed. Add diced peppers (red and green or for a spicy version add banana peppers to the mix). Deglaze the pan with a good shot (6oz.) of port wine. Reduce by half. Add 4oz. chicken stock. add 6oz marinara sauce. Simmer 2-3 minutes and add a touch of parm cheese (this will bind the sauce). The sauce will be heavy in consistency. Serve over a hearty pasta. We use strozzapretti.

03-12-2004, 15:00
Originally posted by Penman
Small, fresh caught squid makes great sashimi.

me, the wife and son are goin' for sushi tonight as a matter of fact. WOOHOO!!!! i'm jonesin already!! YUMMY!!! ;f