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03-14-2004, 22:10
March 14, 2004

Location: Quincy Reservoir (Aurora, CO)

Weather: partly cloudy, changed to sunny and windy, mid-50s

Water Conditions: clear

Effective Lures: 1/80 peach mini-jig, 1/16 oz gold tinsel jig

Notes: Quincy is one of the first Front Range trout lakes to open. Saturday was the season opener, and was mobbed with fishermen. A day later, most of the crowds had gone on to other things, and a scattering of anglers concentrated on the north side of the lake.

Quincy's resident trout population usually contains a high percentage of fresh stockers, but since the truck hasn't made its' bi-weekly visit, it's a good time to catch fish ranging from 12"-17"

The most popular lure was a 1/80 ounce peach mini-jig suspended beneath a bobber, and dead drifted at 18". Most strikes took place off the dam. With water temps still in the mid-40s, trout are not moving very far to hit lures.

Dead drifted Copper John nymphs and egg patterns are working well in the coves, which heat up faster and attract cruising fish. Jigs will take fish, but should be allowed to fall to the bottom, and retrieved very slowly. Strikes will be subtle, so be alert.