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Gary F
03-17-2004, 18:20
dear gt women,
i know, i know .... let her try them all & see which she is most comfortable with ...
female friend of mine ... at least avg size hands. she has shot my gl 34, gl 26, sig 228, sig 220 (which she especially enjoyed ... and did well with ...!) competently. as i expected, she liked the thinner grip & easier reach upon holding the kahr 9, but has not yet shot one. we'll probably visit Firing Line in s phila ... as can't find anywhere else that has a p9 rental (or any kahrs for that matter...). i don't particularly like the kel tec 9 .... so i left it out of the equation.
which gun(s) do you women feel more comfortable with?? Why??
thank you ;f
peace, gary ;S

Suzy Cooke
03-17-2004, 22:44
[QUOTE]which gun(s) do you women feel more comfortable with?? Why??

I own a G17, G26 and G36. I'm fairly comfortable with a 1911.

In wheel guns I have a Speed Six Ruger and a Ruger .44 Super Redhawk.

I'm not real comfortable withy thw double stack .45 and I think I have fairly big hands. I'm pretty strong Too so the RedHawk inspite of its weight is easier to shoot han some of the small "Chief's Special type .38s

The 10mms are a bit of a handful and not a Glock I'd particularly want.

I may at some point get a .40 and am considering the G23.

Lots of women make a mistake of getting a small gun to start learning with then when the light weight cause their hand to hurt they give up before they learn the body mechanics of shooting.

I'd probably start some with the G17 maybe the G19 over the G26. The psychology of seeing better results quicker builds self confidence.

The body mechanics are important in shooting the G26. And those go beyond getting past the stovepiping due to Auto wrist.

I actually think there is a benifit to using a full size service revolver or a 1911 for the first lessons.

The .45 with the shotgun like sort of rolling recoil and that huge bullet gives people the mindset of "If I can shoot that I can shoot anything."

Suzy Q:cool:

03-18-2004, 00:01
I'll second what Suzy says. I've got a G17, G26, G27, a Security Six in .357 and a New Model Blackhawk in .357.

The 17 was a revelation to me -- it was easy to shoot, easy to aim, fell right into my hand and showed me I could hit what I aimed at.

After that the G26 was a dream.

The G27 is new, it's going to the range tomorrow.

My only problem with revolvers is that they are messy -- the .357's are nice simply because I can shoot .38 Specials out of them, so I got accustomed to shooting them before going to the hot .357 Magnum loads

Full size G17 if it fits her hand (it fit mine perfectly -- but I've got big hands) otherwise the G26 -- I find it sweet to shoot.

03-20-2004, 20:03
I'll post this for my wife since shes asleep.

She recently tried an Kahr K9, a Keltec P11, and a Glock 17. She liked the 17 the best for comfort when shooting but shot most accurately with and liked the fit in her hand of the Kahr.

I think it would depend upon planned use of the gun, range work and home defense, maybe the Glock. Occasional shooting and concealed carry the Kahr.

Gary F
03-20-2004, 21:28
is this a relatively new pistol? has anyone shot this "LS" ...; if so, how does it compare to the glock, kahr, keltec? as my friend is a mother or three young children ..., the internal pistol lock would be an added bonus for when she's not at home and/or pistol otherwise unattended.
hmmm, gary

03-25-2004, 18:16
Tell her to try a Steyr M-9, S-9, or MA-1/9. They're built for small hands. And the M-9 has about the recoil of a .22! My husband's M-9 was the first semiauto I'd fired in years when we got it. It's really great. I'd have got an S-40 for myself if hi-cap magazines were available.

When she's ready to move up to .40, try a compact Glock. I like my Glock 23 much better than the mini-Glocks like the 26 and 27, and both LEO and regular hi-caps are readily available for them.

Miao, Cat

Douglas in CT
03-31-2004, 21:51
the Kahr K9 and MK9 are delightful pistols to shoot. :)

I like shooting the MK9 Elite better than the PM9 version.