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03-21-2004, 22:37
I picked up a Fred Bear bow at an estate auction this weekend and I'm trying to figure out what it's worth.
The best I've been able to determine is that it's worth whatever I can get for it on Ebay.
However, I have searched all over the internet and haven't found any reference to this bow; not on Ebay, collector sites, museums, etc.
I don't know if that means it is worth more, or if it isn't very collectible.
The bow is a laminated hardwood recurve target bow that seems to be intended for beginning shooters. It has the label, "Instant Archery" on it. It came with a set of matching arrows, also with the "Instant Archery" logo on them. I know it was built between `68 and `72 in Grayling, MI. It has the serial #: IA2196 model: AMO-60#
If anybody has any idea what it's worth or what it is, please let me know.
If I stick it on Ebay, I don't want to let it go for less than it's worth, and if I decide to just keep it and shoot it, I don't want to be shooting something that's worth far more than I paid for it.
Here's a pic of the label:
<img src="" width=650 height=487>

03-22-2004, 15:59
I have been using Bear recurves, and Martin for about 30 years, love both of them. I must admit, i do not know what you got there in the photo. I would suggest that you simply call bear, (or whoever took them over), may be under a different name now, and tell them what you got and let them help you out. I'm sure they would know it's history and value. you might look up "three rivers archery", and ask them to turn you on to how to contact the people at bear, and then get the information you need.

Good Luck!


03-22-2004, 16:03
In looking at the photo again, the 'limb width' looks very narrow, (looks can be decieving on the pc), if indeed, it is as narrow as i think it is, this is a pretty old bow, i would be interested to learn what you find out, let us know.


03-22-2004, 18:45
I'd be interested in finding out a source for valuing old bows. I have an old Bear bow that was given to me by an uncle in the early 70's. He said he'd had it "for years".

It's a 35 lb recurve with a single sight pin on it. It has one stiker that says Victor and a stamp that says Patriot.

03-22-2004, 20:26
From all of the research I've been doing on the internet, figuring out the year of a Bear bow is pretty difficult. I'm pretty sure it is between a `56 and a `72.
I sent an email to one of the supposed Fred Bear experts, but haven't gotten a reply.