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M2 Carbine
03-25-2004, 09:45
I heard on the noon news yesterday a helicopter with 10 people was missing in the Gulf out of Galveston.
I called my old base at Galveston worried that the pilots were friends of mine at PHI.

Not much info, except it was an ERA, not a PHI "big ship".
It was flying for one of the last oil companies I flew for, so I may know some of the passengers.

It was a night flight and the weather was good, so right away that sounds like aircraft failure.

The last news I heard last night was 4 bodies had been found found.

Every time this happens I am amazed I got away with it all those years and hours.

Two more pilots and eight hands have paid for the oil and gas we use.


M2 Carbine
03-26-2004, 23:38

Helicopter Wreckage Found

Houston (AP) -- The Coast Guard Friday found four bodies inside the wreckage of a helicopter that crashed into the Gulf of Mexico.

That brings to eight the number known killed when the Era Aviation helicopter went down about 72 miles south of Galveston.

Searchers used a remote camera to locate the wreckage in the Gulf before dawn at a depth of 186 feet.

The camera also found four bodies inside the wreckage.

The Coast Guard already had found four bodies in the Gulf.

The search continued Friday for two other passengers still missing.

The Coast Guard says Era Aviation has a dive boat en route to the site.

Its crew plans to begin recover operations tonight or tomorrow morning -- weather permitting.

The helicopter was last heard from Tuesday evening shortly after taking off from Galveston, bound for a drilling ship in the western Gulf.

Texas T
03-30-2004, 18:24
The last two bodies were recovered from the wreakage on the bottom of the Gulf today. All are accounted for at this point.