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03-26-2004, 22:05
Happy Day!!!

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DJ Niner
03-27-2004, 03:47
VERY nice rack on that one. Any idea on weight, total or dressed? Just curious; I've hunted from Michigan to Mississippi, and body weights on deer vary so much it's unreal.

Some day I might stumble across something nearly as nice as that, without my hands in my pockets and weapon slung (that's what happened the ONLY time I've seen what I'd consider a trophy buck). I had my chance, and I blew it; but I won't make that PARTICULAR mistake again (no, I'll make a NEW mistake...).

If you'd like, I can clean-up those pictures a bit; correct the colors, and sharpen them, etc. Drop me a PM with your email address if you want me to work on them; I'll just copy the ones you posted here and email you the tweaked ones.

03-27-2004, 07:11
He was between 250-260lbs, dressed weight was not hardly 210lbs.

I'm going to take some more pics and get the lighting right, I'm getting ready to fly to Phoenix on sunday for about 3 weeks and I just hung the deer, snapped some pics and posted them.

Edit: Funny part about it is, my buddy killed a doe that was nearly as big bodied the same morning about 2 hours before I shot mine.

DJ Niner
03-28-2004, 05:46
Sounds like a pretty big one; it would be a monster where I hunted in the deep south, and about average for a 1-2 year old in the corn belt of southern Michigan.

Nice rack in ANY case, though. Usually, I'm not attracted to non-typical racks, but that one is really nice. Lottsa "character"!

03-28-2004, 05:57

I'm from Arkansas and this thing eclipses 99.99% percent of the deer that come from here by far, the biggest deer I've seen come from my area goes about 170lbs.