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03-28-2004, 18:36
I'm looking for a source for telescopic rods upwards to 12ft long ( extended)? Anyfeedback or personnel experience would be great.

04-07-2004, 03:34
What kind of rods? I have an extendable fiberglass "cane pole" type rod that I think is around 20' long. However, to properly balance it I hold it a few feet from the end.
If that's what you're after I got it at Academy Sports, but I think Bass Pro also carries it.

If not, give more details of what you're after and I'll see what I can find.

04-07-2004, 08:16
Whats the un-extended length? I 'm looking for something that was in sections ( i.e like fly rods ) or could be extended ( telescopic ) to use it in cane pole fashion. ( a simple hook,sinker, float ). 20ft extend would be even better.

I'll look back at basspro, but the local guys had nada as far as information. I was given afew leads on various mfg on these poles but have no clue about them or know anybody using them. I plan on fishing only for panfish ( crappie to be specific , on a drop shot multiple jigs or Mayan Cichilds ) with these and pull a fish less than 3-4 lbs on avg.

Since my dad lives in TX and have an Academy Sports close by, I might have him get one of these for my B-day. ;f

04-09-2004, 04:43
I had to pull the pole out since I haven't used it very much and realized I lied... I thought it was the 20', but I actually bought the 16.5' length, but they DO make a 20' model.

What I have is made by B'n'M Black Widow. They have a website click here (

Cabelas ( also offers it in 4 lengths from 10' to 20'.

Like I said in the earlier post, I would get a longer pole than what you need so you can "choke up" on it (like a baseball bat) so it will be more balanced. Mine comes with a very basic kit to get you started (a little line, a bobber, and a hook if I recall). I do know for a fact that I bought mine at Academy and I am reasonably sure it was under $20. My 16.5' rod is 45" collapsed with the end-cap on.

I did catch a 27" channel cat on mine so I know they are fairly durable too.

Well, hopefully that's the info you need. Good luck and good fishin'!