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04-07-2004, 04:03
Most of my fishing poles are Bass Pro XPS Bionic Blades which use high modulus IM-8 graphite. Anyway, I LOVE the sensitivity of these rods. I have looked but can't hardly find any fly rods made from this type of blank or even in the same modulus rating. There are a lot of them that use the IM-7, then they jump way up to 80,000+ modulus.

I'm really wanting one no longer than 8' and probably in a 5 weight and at least two pieces. At some point I want to experiment making my own rods, but that'll be a couple of years down the road though.

Does anyone have any source for these, or have a recommendation of something this quality or above? I don't mind spending $100 or so for just the rod, but I don't want to go much over that (up to $150 if it includes the rod case, etc).

Also, I've used Okuma spinning reels for a few years now and I can't believe the performance for the price. They are truly unbelieveable. I have a $150 Curado bait casting reel and what do I normally grab if I take a single pole? The rod with the $40 Okuma. :) My question on this is; Are the Okuma fly reels any good (particularly the Integrity and Magnitude)? They have good specs, large arbors and good drags - does anyone have any experience with them?

Thanks a lot guys!

P.S. I'm not an experience fly fisherman per se, but I've done it most my life and have a good time and always catch fish, but I think my inferior $20 rod/reel combo has been holding me back for WAAAY too long. I mostly fish for panfish and small bass here in the Kansas/Missouri/Oklahoma areas.

04-07-2004, 08:09
Don't have any answers to your questions but the graphite reels are nice. I have about 4 graphite reels made with IM6,7 and HM35 and all are good.

04-07-2004, 08:21
Don't have any answers to your questions but the graphite reels are nice. I have about 4 graphite reels made with IM6,7 and HM35 and all are good.

04-07-2004, 09:49
Considering you desire a 5 wgt rod, the reel selection isn't critical. In my 12 years of fly fishing I can honestly say the drag of my fly reels is rarely used. I prefer to palm the spool if I hook a "lunker." Although I haven't owned an Okuma fly reel I do have two of their spinning reels and I absolutely love them. I have heard very good things about their fly reels, though.

I fish a small 8.5' 3 wgt all the way to a 9 wgt, 9.5' Three years ago I built my first fly rod (my 3 wgt 8.5'). I purchased a closeout Loomis IM6 2 piece blank for about 40 bucks, invested about 50 more in hardware, thread, epoxy, etc. and finally my time and patience and have been amply rewarded. My next project is a 4 piece, 9', 6 wgt. Again this was a closeout Lamiglas blank that only cost me $35.00.

If you prefer to buy a ready to go rod, make sure you give it a try first. When I lived "back East," the fly shops would encourage you to give the rod a "test drive" out back. You might have to spend a bit more than $100.00 though. You might want to consider looking at St. Croix rods, they have a good selection that might fit what you're looking for. I also had a very nice 8', 5 wgt Fenwick "Streamer" that was reasonably priced and performed well.

Good luck.

04-07-2004, 10:41
The Okuma fly reels work just fine. I was hesitant at first based on price, but I rarely notice that when I am landing a nice fish. Go for it, you shouldn't be let down. Drag knob is a little sensitive, but I just use mine to keep my spool from spinning freely, otherwise, as stated above, just palm it. - Trevor

04-08-2004, 00:29
Thanks a lot for your insight guys, I appreciate it! :)