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04-11-2004, 22:08
This is the latest pig shot with the Brenneke slugs we discussed in the previous thread.
The hole visible is the entrance hole. My friend Greg, who has ape hands put his thumb next to the hole for some sort of scale.

As you can see, my shot placement left a bit to be desired, but nonetheless, the only animals I have seen die quicker are mosquitos hit by the Sunday newspaper.

04-12-2004, 09:12

That's a serious hole. Nice shooting.

How was the bacon?:)

04-13-2004, 09:53
out of what gun?

04-14-2004, 00:12
It was a Remington 870 with a Hastings rifled barrel.

The pig is still getting processed in the butchers, so I don't know what it'll taste like. It should be good though, as it was a 180 lb sow that looked like it had weaned it's piglets about 2 weeks prior to being shot.

04-14-2004, 09:51
Damn, that pig still doesn't know it's dead...:)

04-15-2004, 13:47
If it's a boar with any age on it soak overnight in milk.Boars have a real strong taste and milk does the trick.I'm not talking "gamey" I be talking offensive.Killed my first russian 6 yrs ago and have killed quite a few since.Feral can have the same funky taste but not quite as bad.Just soak overnight in milk and it's good eating,especially if slow cooked on the grill.

04-15-2004, 14:40
That would be alot of milk for the typical sized hogs I 've killed and quite expensive. :(

Aother alternative ( much cheaper ) is to use about 10 part water to 1 or less part apple cider vinegar and soak in ice chilled water over night or for a fewdays. Keep the water right above freezing and change the water-vinegar as it start drawing blood. If it looks very red , drain and add more of the above.

The acids in the sour wine will tenderize the meat and help removing the foul taste that can be present in boars. The apple flavor also helps in reducing the foul taste.

After soaking, marinate as you normally would do or seal and freeze in freezer bags for later consumption ;)

04-15-2004, 18:17
I did not say it took a lot of milk,it doesn't.Probably a couple of cups if soaked in a bowl.Thanks for reminding me to clarify.Like I said i've killed quite a few and I forgot that some people dont have as much experience as I.I do not mean to sound snooty I'm just trying to pass on some of my experience.Sorry I overlooked the sow part but soaking it will improve the flavor anyway.

04-20-2004, 20:16
For Bowser, why are you knocking your shooting? Looks like a great shot to me. Don

04-20-2004, 20:19
I guess I should have added that my only big game animal to date was a 300# sow wild pig. Don't laugh, I shot it with a Remington 450gr Swift A Frame out of a .458 Win Mag. The only gun I had, dumped it where it stood, shot between the eyes. My son was using my only other rifle, a .308. Don :)

04-20-2004, 20:26
Good show ol' boy. Wouldn't have been my 1st choice but it did the trick. What do you take squirrel huntin',a 375?

05-02-2004, 17:25
Yeah!! I like it--if i had a heavy magnum i would have used it also--better to over do it than to under do it.^c

05-29-2004, 01:47
My hog pistol is a Magnum Research BFR in .45-70. I'd like to see what that will do to one. Someday soon I hope.