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04-16-2004, 22:05
Well all, after wanting two for the last two years, I finally made the first step twards becoming a pilot and ordered my books tonight. A friend of mine who is a Helo CFI told me what to order and is going to hook me up with a guy that is a fixed wing CFI that does self study, and ground school in our area.

04-17-2004, 08:29
COOL! contrats! what books did you order and where did you order from? One good idea if you're going to do the self-study route is to get ahold of some of the King videos. (if you can stand them) they are pretty good at explaining a lot and they follow the written test guide. buying them can be pricy, but they are also available to rent or just take home at some FBOs. Sporty's has a lot of videos also, but again, they're pricy too.

There's nothing like flying

M2 Carbine
04-17-2004, 09:39
Good for you.
It's one of the most interesting things a person can do, and FUN.

In 1960, a friend and I were completely self taught, with a lot of questions asked of our instructor.

Back then it was all dig it out of books for us. Now there's excellent video, etc that you can use.

BTW way, self taught doesn't mean less knowledge.
I got a 94 on the Private written and my buddy got 96 but he took 2 hours longer than me.;f

04-17-2004, 20:29
Congrats! There aren't many things more satisfying than your first solo and the day you pass your private checkride. Good luck!

The best advice I can give you is fly as often as possible. If you only fly a couple of times a month it will take you a lot longer to finish than if you can fly a couple of times a week, or close to it.

Texas T
04-17-2004, 22:05
I second the King videos (plus it gets you an entry into their airplane sweepstakes) for helping to explain all the nit-picky details. Don't just get their basic set, but also try some of their other titles as well. I think my set was well worth the money.

04-19-2004, 21:57
One of the paramedics that I work with is a rotor CFI (M2 he's loking at working for PHI) who said he would help me/answer any anmd all questions he can, one of the pilots of our medevac helo is a local FAA examiner who gave me his old king tapes telling me most of the info is good, some outdated but still good. Then the mechanic for the helo is also a CFI (does ALOT of fixed wing inst) who said he would give me a break on his rates.

It's somthing I have wanted to fo for years, have flown with friends before, and after working the Centenial as a medic... Some of the guys I work with fly a bunch and are always looking for another pilot/co-pilot so I know once I get my licence that the potential is out there to fly for cheap.

I ordered one book from ASA, and the other one is by the FAA if I recall correctly. To be honest I don't remember but will post when they come in.

05-06-2004, 01:16
good luck.

you should get the gleim cd's, jepp books, and asa oral study guides. I believe you can get the asa stuff online (see:free) ...the jepp books are $$, gleim is imperative (see:written).

when in doubt, close your eyes and see it happen in a comfy chair. the aviation path is long and arduous, but you will soon see what it feels like to look down on birds.

enjoy your first solo, you will never forget it. ^4

if $$ will let you, earn as many ratings as you can. . .