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04-22-2004, 19:40

I got my Bud,he lives in Dallas. I talk to him on the phone a couple times a year and its been 30 years since I seen him last. We always say that we love each other before we hang-up the phone, and we're grown old men. We keep saying were going to get together, but it hasn't happened yet, but I feel we will someday. Damn were getting old. I have had many friends over the years and seen them come and go, but it's kind of funny that I can't let my Vietnam buddy go. You know we didn't even know each other for that long but it seems we spent a whole life time together. I guess we did, but it was in our other life. I bet you have someone like that in your past to...don't ya?

Perry F.
04-22-2004, 19:43
Cool story. Can you tell how it was over there for both of you?

Thanks, Perry

04-22-2004, 20:57
Ramjet38, those I actually served and flew with, not on a regular basis. I've emailed the pilot I was supposed to fly with on 28 February 1969 when he and the photog who bumped me that day were shot down in Laos. To this day I know that if I'd been with him he would not have spent those four years as a POW..... ;t

My best friend now, RAH, a guy I worked for in 1997-1999, a Marine aviator, flew helos in Vietnam the same time I flew FAC and other stuff.

Our connection began in 1998 when I loaned him a book written by a pilot I flew with, Capt. Richard Drury, about what Capt. Drury called, "My Secret War". In the book he talked about what went on and mentioned missions he/we flew. One was the rescue of a helicopter pilot. I was flying FAC that day, and, yes, we pulled that helo pilot out of the jungle...

The day after I loaned RAH the book, he came back and said, "You SOB, you rescued my co-pilot!!

We've been through a lot since then. We haven't always agreed, but the bond we have will never be broken, and Ramjet, yes, there is that love that is hard to explain to others.

Perry F., you ask how it was over there. Don't be offended, but hell, that's a whole different thread...

But your profile lists your biography as, "Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil because the Lord is my shepard," that means something to me.

There was one SAR I flew on where the ground fire was intense, no it was f'ing unbelievable. We rolled in to mark the guns for the fighters and the AAA was so close you could smell it. All I remember is saying one Our Father and "Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: For thou art with me" over and over again...

Obviously, it worked - I'm here...;w ;? ;? ;w

Perry F.
04-22-2004, 21:29
Ramjet38, thanks for sharing. I like that bible verse very much.I believe myself and younger generations need to learn from are past so future generations of are children won't need to go through any wars and respect what past generrations have done for this country.

I am proud what are service people are doing now in Iraq. There is so much media for and against the war. I am hoping the Iraqi people see we are trying to do good. We can't give up as Bush has said. I might feel diffrent, if I had family over there. We must persist.


04-23-2004, 18:27
Enjoyed your story. It's funny I was with a SAR unit Helicopter Combat Support Squadron 1 (HC-1 Det 4) off the USS Ranger '72 '73 in the Gulf of Tonkin, support of the Linebacker II over N.V.

We were also the first choppers to set down in Hanoi when the Truce was signed hauling VIP's for the release of prisoners. Damn that was along time ago. And yes, it's hard to explain to someone what it was like over there. I always say it was another life and you had to be there because you wouldn't understand anyways. Nice hearing from you and may God be with you always. ;c

04-23-2004, 19:06
Originally posted by Ramjet38
... Nice hearing from you and may God be with you always. ;c ;V aaaaahhhhh, that was good, thanks for the refreshment!! I owe you one...

And thank you for the referral to The Man... I'll try to be worthy...^c

05-06-2004, 15:11
Ramjet- not a V V here but I can relate somewhat. I had a very good friend that arrived at Ft.Hood the same time as me and we were assigned to the same platoon and went on 3 deployments together. In June 2001 I went on 3 weeks leave from Texas to Va and it was the last time I actually saw him. He ETSed from the military a week or so later and came back in in April 2003. He was my best friend until he was KIA in Iraq some time ago. I had a flask of rum he got for me after the last deployment and have been keeping it rather than drinking it. Call me crazy but I think its the right way to rememember Pete.

05-11-2004, 20:39

Someday maybe you'll find that drinking that flask in a toast at the proper moment and the proper place might be the ticket. But I can understand if you keep the memories the way you have.;c