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04-24-2004, 03:43
hey hunters. i was wondering when u guys shoot ur prey is the extraction of the bb's a pain? Just wondering how it is

04-24-2004, 03:47
You can get it (the lead) here in the Supermarket, without the hassle of shooting Bambi.

04-25-2004, 16:50
squirrels? yes a real pain, but shoot 4 and shoot at longer ranges and the problem is gone. geese and ducks, we usually grind up, steel ruins blades in grinders and choppers, but they usually pass through

04-26-2004, 03:00
I bet I've missed finding all the shot maybe 5 times in all my life. Waterfowl it comes out fairly easy. Deer usually bloodshots enough you end up cutting out extra meat around it to remove it so any fragments go with it. I'd say where I find it the most is rabbits and squirrel. I occasionally will hunt them with a .410, however, I've actually found more fragments when hunting with cheap lead hollow points for .22's.
Just pay attention, it isn't hard to get out ya just have to take your time and watch.

BTW, steel shot can be pulled out with a mechanics magnet on what looks like an ink pen (you can get them at Sears for $10). They work like a charm...

04-26-2004, 07:13
When you're eating doves, quail, etc., that've been "harvested" (I love that euphemism!;)), with small birdshot, you just spit'em out!

04-26-2004, 07:30
If you hit them with a big enough pellet with some speed behind them , you normally get a thru-and-thru. You could also grind the meat and that will find most of the birdshot. If you are doing waterfowl and breast out the bird you could easily find the non-toxic shot by looking at the blood-shot path. I have never eaten a breast off any of the fowl that had a left over shot embedded in the meat.

Also I never worry about digesting a little bit of lead birdshot. It won't kill you. ;)

04-26-2004, 10:55
Originally posted by WalterGA
When you're eating doves, quail, etc., that've been "harvested" (I love that euphemism!;)), with small birdshot, you just spit'em out!

Kind of like eating bony fish. Chew softly and thoroughly before swallowing. Don't want to bust a tooth....

04-27-2004, 03:53
I killed a nice fall hen turkey one year while home on leave. Mom cooked the hen up for Christmas dinner. Loved it when my uncle pulled something out of his mouth and asked what the heck it was.... " A copper plated #5 pellet" ;f

04-28-2004, 01:10
The steel pellets are tooth breakers. Lead pellets give a bit and aren't as bad.

05-02-2004, 13:11
WalterGa, said..

with small birdshot, you just spit'em out! (END QUOTE).

He's right! But what he forgot to tell ya was a few teeth come out with the shot! :)

Chew easy and carry a big spitoon!