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04-26-2004, 04:49
Ok, youse fly-boys and fly-girls, who's doing some planning for this summer's flying? Anyone going to OSH, for instance? (While there last year, I thought a FTF with Flight Deck members would have been a fun thing.)
Who's going after a new rating? Gonna buy that airplane you've been lusting after? One of my young student/initiates just got made captain of a major and he's taking choppa lessons... I like having something to do with advancing the business, even if my contributions are rather minor.
So, what's happenin'?

04-28-2004, 00:37
I would love to go to Oshkosh again. Got to pop in for one day in '92 - I was on a motorcycle trip and wound up near Oshkosh when the airshow was there.

I'll continue trying to get an hour or so every week, mostly in a 150 or Tomahawk, which means just me. I can't afford to fly as much in four-seaters unless the passenger splits the bill. The two or three hour minimum when I have a plane all day to go somewhere 50 minutes away doesn't work for me. One flight to Castle a few weeks ago (63 NM) killed my flying budget for the rest of the month. Someday I'll have my own plane and fly as much or as little as I please whenever I get the notion, not when I can fit in with a couple dozen other pilots.

I would like to go to Columbia and Santa Barbara and do some work with an instructor in the Bay Area - I am not real proficient in Class B. I'll also wind up with a pretty fair amount of time just flying the coast - 1,000 or so along the shoreline at 75-80 knots on a sunny afternoon is what it's all about for me. I'm also thinking about a few hours of acro or at least getting my taildragger checkout at Amelia Reid in San Jose. There's no taildragger rentals really convenient to me, but it would certainly improve my skills, especially crosswind landings and would be a blast. Hmmm, it always comes back to fun, doesn't it?

04-29-2004, 12:44
Well, I should have my instrument checkride within the next two weeks or so. Then its on to multi-commercial, then single add-on. Those will hopefully be done by the end of the summer. After all of that, I'll start working on my CFI. Those are the plans, anyways...:)

04-29-2004, 14:22
Hang Gliding- that's right, hang gliding -is what I lust for... but I think that isn't likely to be a reality.
Years back I used to tow sailplanes up against some NH mountains and the last trip in that direction I was cruising around Equinox and saw a person soaring the slopes with a hang glider and he really looked serene and at peace with the world. Graceful as anything I'd ever seen a human accomplish and he seemed to go up when he wanted... he stayed at altitude for the twenty or so minutes I observed him. Neat!
Getting in th' air any way one can!

M2 Carbine
04-29-2004, 15:00
Ya Skyhook, since I retired and got into this powered powerchute stuff it's kind of like going back to the J3 Cub days.
Flying just for the fun of it.

Two mornings ago, I left out of the house early and flew to the local airport by a rather meandering route at 400 feet.

Shot 5 or 6 touch and goes and since there was a couple guys on the ramp watching me I gave them a 10 foot high, SCREAMING 30mph fly by and a max climb.;f

One of them got on the radio and we talked a couple minutes about the machine.

Flew back home at 200 feet watching Deer and enjoying the view.

I made such a good landing my neighbor called me and complimented me on it. (he's seen some stinkers:) )

This summer I plan on doing this every chance I get.:cool:

If I can find any other Ultra lites around here to fly I'll give it a try.

Hang gliding would be cool.

04-30-2004, 06:32
Me and a friend are thinking of going down to Norfolk VA to visit a friend who is in the Navy down there. Should be an easy 1-stop trip in the 172, hang out on Virgina Beach for a few days, then head north again. We can stay there for free, and we get a good rate on the 172 ($28 per hour dry, and I get a big discount on gas), so it should be a fun trip, and not too hard on the wallet.

04-30-2004, 20:45
Originally posted by M2 Carbine
This summer I plan on doing this every chance I get.:cool:

You ought to fly that thing out to California. I'll take you to lunch when you get here.

Andrew Tacquard
05-01-2004, 09:37
Hopefully I'll get my wings at the end of the summer, then off to the rag.

M2 Carbine
05-01-2004, 15:05
Originally posted by Wulfenite
You ought to fly that thing out to California. I'll take you to lunch when you get here.

Thanks buddy. Now that would be a trip to write about.

I think I'de need a little faster machine.;f

BTW, anyone read the Cannibal Queen by Stephen Coonts?
Man, now that's the way to spend the summer.

05-01-2004, 15:27
Great Adventure, So So Book.

Although, I have the highest respect for the guy for taking a long vacation, putting a bunch of hours on a classic airplane and then figureing how to write 100% of it off. ;W ;W ;W