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kool aid
05-09-2004, 05:39
Just wanted to wish all the moms a happy restfull mothers day!!
;) ;f ;3 ;D ;+ ^c ;W ;Y

05-09-2004, 06:41
Thank you, Kool Aid!

05-09-2004, 12:08
Thank you, Kool Aid! The only thing better would be that it wasn't raining so I could go out and play in my garden ;Q But someone else is making dinner, so the day isn't lost! :)

05-09-2004, 17:24
Thank you. Today is extra special because my Daughter graduated from college today.

After many difficulties, changes, a baby (my Grand-Daughter is three), and a break up, she went back to school and finally got her degree.

She's a darn good visual artist and already has two jobs lined up.

Even better, she's about the best mom I've ever seen. Way better than I ever was. My little angel is about the happiest baby I've ever seen. Curious, playful, happy and actually better behaved than you would think.

Can you tell I'm proud of my Daughter?

She sure started off going the wrong way -- she was headed to all sorts of trouble, spent the time to get her act together, and moved on from there.

I'm so proud to be a part of it, even though we no longer live close to each other.

Happy Mothers Day to everyone!!