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05-11-2004, 00:48
I know this is similar to the other thread regarding outdoors but I was wondering what you bring. Do you take one pistol and a rifle? Do you take your shotgun? Do you just take the pistol?

I usually always bring a long gun, be it a shotgun or rifle. Going camping later this week, I will take my G27 and my AR shorty.

knuckle dragger
05-11-2004, 08:37
I bring my old JC Higgins 12ga pump with me camping mostly...I live in Nevada but camp a lot in Kali,so bringing anything else I think could bring me a prison sentence.

05-11-2004, 11:02
depending on where i am going and the purpose of the trip

I think i bring my 870 the most
and i usuallay bring my glock 23 but ill probably start bringing my glock 22 more.

if i plan on shooting or if my girl comes ill bring my 10/22 so she can shoot that

other times ill bring my 870 my AR and my glock for when i feel tactical

or my marlin 45-70 and my smith 29 when i feel traditional

but honestley i think ill probably start carrying my glock 22 and smith 340 the most and the 870 will stay in my Jeep or in the cabbin

05-11-2004, 15:11
I usually bring my:

Savage 111 7mm Rem Mag - for when I'm hunting.
Glock 23C - For when I'm bored at camp and to carry for backup.
Winchester 1300 Defender - for my family to have at camp while I'm hunting.

Sometimes, I just bring my whole gun collection:
All of the above, plus
Glock 27
Hk USP 40
Ruger 10-22
Beretta 96

05-11-2004, 18:01
22 rifle for the kids to shoot.G23 for the belt.Winchester Defender for the camp.;)

Captain Caveman
05-11-2004, 18:24
Normally just my 4" 686, but if we plan on doing any shooting then the skies the limit.

05-12-2004, 14:44
My G22 and my "assault" 870. Then like DaReaper, if we plan on doing serious shooting....whatever.

05-12-2004, 14:50
Generally, just the G27 with a pair of G22 15's for backup (can't have too much ammo on ya!). If it's an extended stay, say over a week, I'll bring my G22 and Beretta 1201FP.

RJ Schuknecht
05-13-2004, 13:28
I will always have my G32 on my hip. That way it is always close if I need it. Sometimes I will have my 870 12ga at camp. But it is tough to cook over a campfire with the shotgun in one hand. Splitting firewood and many other activities can become troublesome with a shotgun in one hand also. So I may have more guns at camp than just the Glock, but the Glock is always with me.

05-14-2004, 10:36
When I'm backpacking, the G20 w/ plenty of ammo. When just camping, the G20 and either one of my lever-actions like the .454 Puma or one of my semi-autos like my HK91.

05-17-2004, 02:52
My woods carry is the reproduction 1860 Colt .44 percussion revolvers worn on the belt in slim jim holsters.

My 'canoe gun' is the Hawken Woodsman's rifle from Traditions, a .50 caliber percussion rifle with the factory optional 1/66" rifling for accuracy with patched ball.

05-19-2004, 14:32
Glock 26 or 29 (depending on whether there are bears around)

Bushy AR15 carbine (A3). Sometimes my Mossberg 500.

But...like knuckledragger, I live in NV, so no AR when camping in Kali. In fact, I got lucky once. I had just bought the Bushy and some friends were goin' camping in Kalifornia, so I brought it'cause I just had to shoot it. While shooting in a quarry, a local sheriff pulled up and I think saw me quickly stashing it. Turned out he was a good 'ol buy and looked the other way, so to speak.

But I learned my lesson. Thoughts of prison pretty much keep me straight, even if the law is idiotic and unconstitutional...

J. Parker
05-19-2004, 21:05
I packed several guns on camping trips all the time when I lived in California. My wife and I would shoot right in camp. We were however remote campers on National Forest property. Have things changed?;g

howie given
05-20-2004, 13:43
g20 and g29 ;I and my 270!!!!! ruger #1 sometimes one of
my ars

05-21-2004, 05:39
I always take a S&W .22 pistol. If I'm camping in Oklahoma I'll also have my Glock 29 (10mm) for use with my CCW. If any seasons are open I'll have a gun appropriate for the current season.

05-21-2004, 15:22
redhawk .44 and a 590 shot gun

05-22-2004, 15:40
Custom Ruger Mini Thirty (7.62x39)

14 inch barrel, perminatly attached flashhider (overall barrel length 16 inches)

Meprolight front night sight, XS ghost ring rear.

M3 light

10 round Promags, quite reliable so far.

05-22-2004, 15:41
Another Pic....

05-22-2004, 15:44
Thats a pretty cool MINI where does the light mount

05-22-2004, 15:49

05-22-2004, 15:52

05-22-2004, 16:03
Sorry for all the pics, I just got my first digital camera.

The M3 light mounts on an AR15 adapter, the one that Bushmaster sells. I beleive it is made by Streamlight/Insight Tech.

The adapter was easily mounted to the forestock. It works great. I can manipulate the switch with my left hand thumb. This gun was inspired by a close call with a black bear last summer. I keep CorBon 150gr. JSP in it.

I had this guy do the work for me..... http://www.thearmsroom.com/index.html He does great work!!!! Good prices!!!!

Here is another link to the whole story


05-23-2004, 21:02
Since all of the places around here (Southeast Ohio) won't let you carry weapons in their camping areas, I usually keep my G34 in the tent. What the ranger doesn't know won't hurt me. hehe

05-24-2004, 08:59
Heres another pic I found......

05-29-2004, 00:59
Usually I go camping in state parks, so it's always something concealable (j/k). But if I go camping in a place where I can shoot, I take all of mine. I live in Dallas, so I'm not lucky enough to be able to just shoot in my back yard. In fact, the last 4 guns I've gotten, I haven't shot yet.


05-30-2004, 17:55
Hey GL! I always have a G23. A Ruger 10/22, a Ruger Mark II and of course. something for back up!!

05-31-2004, 20:19
From the weight of the guns you guys are bringing, I take it that most of you are bringing RVS. As for a backpacking trip my G-26 and a spare G-17 mag is all that I want to carry. I can still get out the door at about a 30 lb pack weight.