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05-12-2004, 17:42
I remember from my days of wearing Army green that the Army's motto is "This we'll defend."

And I think just about everyone knows that the Marine Corp's motto is "Semper Fidelis."

I haven't a clue as to what the Air Force's and the Navy's mottos are (if they even have mottos). Does anyone know?

05-12-2004, 19:05
Navy - "Non Sibi Sed Patriae!" (Not for self, but country)

Air Force - "Uno Ab Alto" (One over all)

Coast Guard - "Semper Paratus"(Always Ready)"

05-16-2004, 19:51
thats "always prepared". but close;)

05-17-2004, 10:52
Hey, I just copied it off a website. I don't claim to translate Latin other than Semper Fi. ;f

05-17-2004, 13:14
Originally posted by cowboywannabe
thats "always prepared". but close;) And for cowboywannabe, it's "don't ask, don't tell"... ;z

05-17-2004, 15:34
what is your problem? are you going to chase me all over the forums trying to bait me or what?

05-17-2004, 16:04
Originally posted by GLockCowboy
And for cowboywannabe, ... ;m

Come on GLockCowboy, not here, and really, not anywhere, please...


05-18-2004, 09:25
Here are some of the unit mottos of groups I served with.

56th Air Commando Wing - "Beware The Thunderbolt"Combat in Southeast Asia, Apr 1967 - Aug 1973, and combat support until Jun 1975, employing a wide variety of aircraft to meet specialized missions. Missions included interdiction, psychological warfare, close air support, search and rescue, forward air control, training Thai and Laotian air forces, and helicopter escort for clandestine insertion and extraction of personnel in Laos and North Vietnam.Pararescue and Air Rescue - "That Others May Live""When the history of this war is finally written, I feel that the story of Air Rescue may well become one of the outstanding human dramas in the entire history of the Air Force. Air Rescue did not begin, of course, with the war in Vietnam. But the extent of the operation, the dangers involved, and the dedication shown on an everyday basis --month after month-- makes these rescue operations something unique in our military history. . . . These men are all heroes, but they're also normal Americans from all walks of life. They come from the cities and the farms. They share the same hopes and fears that concern us all. . . ."
"Certainly, the Aerospace Rescue and Recovery people deserve their immortality. For they have lived up to their motto as if it were a solemn pledge: That others may live."

Dr. Harold Brown, Secretary of the Air Force during the Vietnam War

05-19-2004, 18:32
400th MMS(T)
"Need More Beer!"

well sort of an unofficial one!;c ;c ;c

05-19-2004, 22:20
Originally posted by BilltheCat
400th MMS(T)
"Need More Beer!"

well sort of an unofficial one!;c ;c ;c Were you in Thailand by any chance???

05-19-2004, 23:43
US Army LRRP's " Stay ALert, Stay Alive"

05-20-2004, 17:04
These are the unit mottos I know:

2nd BN, 69th Armor- "Vittese et Puissance" (not sure about the spelling though) - Speed and Power.

Co. C (ABN), 4th BN, 327th Infantry (later changed to Co. C (ABN), 1st BN, 17th Infantry - "Strike Fear"

224th Aviation - "Free Dominion" - a combination of the "Free State" of MD and "Old Dominion" of VA.

Army Special Forces - "Di Opresso Liber" - To Free the Oppressed.