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Mrs. Jack T.
05-14-2004, 15:21
I want a new hairstyler and can't decide what to do. Right now it is semi straight (had straightened a year or so ago and the natural curl is starting to come back) about 2 inches past my shoulders with bangs almost to the end of my nose. It is also my natural color, red. I have kind of a chubby face and can't find anything in magazines that I think won't make it look worse, why don't they show some chubby people sometimes instead of the unrealistic skinny models;Q Anyway, does anyone have any idea what would work good? I'm thinking huge curles (not spiral :( ) and keeping most of the length. . . I'd really like to shave it and go on but I guess that'd probably not be acceptable.

P.S. I'll get a picture up as soon as I find one that shows my hair . . .

05-14-2004, 18:52
Longer hair will make you look shorter, and it visually drags your face down. Volume on the sides will add weight to your face, so your best option is to go for some height (not big hair, of course) and a length that allows some movement.

If you've been going to the same hairdresser for awhile, they should be able to suggest something that both suits you and works with your hair. My hairdresser actually doesn't like pictures, if you come in saying "make me look like that". I use them to illustrate things I like or would like to accomplish, only. He has told me no before.

I found one site online where you can upload your pic and apply hairstyles. Unfortunately, I don't remember where that was. I bought the Cosmo makeover CD, but it's crap, so don't waste your money.

Some of the more progressive salons offer that kind of service. And you can have someone creative give you the first cut, then have your regular hairdresser keep it up (go in early for the first one, so they can easily see the cut - hair grows unevenly and they may not be able to follow if you wait too long)

Oh, and one final makeup tip - contour or blush under the cheeks doesn't fool anyone, so don't even try ;)


05-14-2004, 20:16
What happens when you just gel or mousse and let the curl do it's own thing?

I have close to waist legnth naturally curly hair. All the same legnth. Incredibly thick. I let it do it's own thing after using some Bio-Silk Silk Therapy to combat tangles, a leave in conditioner if it is humid or raining (more tangels then, tangles from hell:( ) and a tiny bit of gel. I let it air dry.

Once I quit fighting the curl and let it do what it wanted, my hair looked great. All I do is color. I have been debating going back to my natural color but haven't done so...yet.

Every hair stylist I meet wants to touch it and feel it. I have strangers come up and ask me what kind of perm I have, who does my hair, comment and so on.

Mrs. Jack T.
05-19-2004, 16:44
Originally posted by misskitty5077
What happens when you just gel or mousse and let the curl do it's own thing?

Unfortunatly it is more wavey than curly and gel/mousse doesn't do much for it. . .
I think I've about decided I'm going to cut it to drag my sholders w/ lots of layers and leave it wavey and see how it goes. . . I'm waiting on the hair apt. now.

P.S. I couldn't find a picture of it now, I usually have it pulled back and you can't tell anything about it.

Mrs. Jack T.
05-28-2004, 19:29
I wacked it off, now it sits off off my shoulders and flips every which way because of the natural "wave" but I think it looks better than it did. . . Don't know what my husband thinks, he still hasn't said anything and it has been 2 days. MEN

05-30-2004, 20:32
After many years of trying to find the right hairstyle (always short) I just gave up and used the dog clippers. I have attachments for the blades that leave my hair anywhere from 1/2 inch up to an inch long. I take it shortest on the sides and back, and leave it a little longer on top. Trim over the ears with a scissors and I'm done.

You know what? It actually looks better than all the haircuts from all the hairdressers that I have spent my life hating. I wanted to do this a long time ago, but was afraid.

Just remember, if you really hate it, it will grow back;f It's just hair! Don't be afraid to try something different;)