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05-14-2004, 15:38
Hello everybody!!

I used to have a kenwood 21at many years ago. I got it out, but its been so long since I've used it that the battery doesn't even charge anymore.

I want to get another one. Can anybody recommend a good 2m handheld?

Where is a good place to buy ham radios from the internet?


05-14-2004, 16:21
Awsome prices. As for a good 2m ht well let me tell you about mine. I have an Icom ic-t90a and it is AWSOME! If you looking just for a 2 meter this is not for you but it is worth the money. It has 2 meter 6 meter and 440. with a simple mod you can get 220 also. they run about 250 bucks and they have a full 5 watts of power out. I love mine. Its not a true dual bander but it gets the job done nicely. Do some googleing for it and you can read some other reviews.

05-14-2004, 16:42
Thanks for the reply!

The Icom looks really nice, but its just a few dollars more than what I wanted to spend. I looked at it, and it does look very nice. Are you able to scan fm radio,etc.

I was looking at the Yaseau VX-2R and the VX-5R. They both look very nice for the money. One of them looks like it has a huge scanning range, the other doesn't. one of them has a keypad, and the other doesn't. I think I really want the keypad, so I'm leaning towards the VX-5R and the price they have listed was $219. The Icom was $259. If the Icom is that much better, $40 isn't much more.


05-14-2004, 17:38
I absolutely LOVE my VX-7R Yaesu. I'd suggest getting the programming software for that or a VX-5 though. They're a bit tricky to program if you don't do it often enough.

If you're looking for an inexpensive 2M only handheld, the Icom IC-T2H Sport is an excellent value at under 100 bucks. That's with an alkaline pack and no nicad / charger.

05-15-2004, 17:18
Yaesu FT50 is a nice dualband 2m/440.

05-16-2004, 20:18
I take a Kenwood TH F6A with me all over the country. Love the thing, the batteries last forever during rx. Couple hours worth of Tx time. Dual watch ops also.


Santa CruZin
05-18-2004, 07:57
My wife and I each have the Icom IC-T90A.

Excellent little HT!

Icom's software is easy to use, too.

Mingus Jim
05-19-2004, 16:46
A lot depends on what you want to use an HT for. I have a Yaseau FT-50 dual band HT. I like it very much. I'm not into packet radio and/or other stuff, like SSTV, etc., so it serves my needs very well. Here's a link to info on it on Yaseau's Web site:
However, Yaseau puts very little information on radios on its Web site, which I found out when I started looking for a low band rig. AES's Web site has much more information on the rig.

As to price, AES is usually pretty good. When I bought my IC-746PRO, I checked all the major retailers, including Gigaparts. AES had the lowest price, or was within a couple of dollars of the lowest price. Having dealt with AES in the past and knowing its reputation, I bought from them. I did my my FT-50 from a guy in my radio club back home as he runs an amateur radio store in Wheaton, IL. I figured one ought to support local businesses when possible as it was handing having a ham radio store nearby.

05-21-2004, 14:46
The IC-V8 is a great 2m handheld. solid as a rock, good replacement for the IC-T2H (which I liked also).

As far as multi-bands go... I've got a VX-5 and a VX-7. I like both pretty well. I'd still like to try an IC-W32A multi-band handheld.

but, as far as 2m only, IC-V8 is the way to go!


05-22-2004, 19:06
You may want to check out the Yaesu VX-150. It is built like a tank and has many great features.

Tom B
05-23-2004, 05:36
My last HT was a VX-150. Its a good rig.

05-23-2004, 21:45
Use what I use, a Motorola MTS2000 A-7 (full keypad) commercial hand held. Works great and you can't beat the sound of the audio.


06-04-2004, 12:13
I really like my VX-5. They are cheap with the VX-7 out now (another nice radio). My VX-5 has hit the cement at least half a dozen times and not a single problem with it. It really may be bullet proof.

06-04-2004, 17:43
With the VX-5, are you able to get the police and weather channels?

06-17-2004, 01:25
If you are interested in only 2M, then I think the best HT out there by a long margin is the Yaesu VX-150. You can check out reviews on . I buy all my stuff from Ham Radio Outlet on the internet - . I haven't had any trouble with them (yet) and the shipping is usually free. I think I paid $119 for the VX-150 and I'm using it with the AA battery tray with 2300Mah batteries. I really think this radio is in a class of it's own for power options, ruggedness etc. I have a vx-2r dual bander when I need something smaller, and don't need the battery options that the vx-150 offers. I plan on picking up the ft-60r when it comes out in a couple months. This will basically be the brains of a vx-2r in the body of a vx-150.

06-17-2004, 17:10
For a basic 2m ht, 6w, the ICOM T2Hsport is really good, uses AA batteries, 89-99 price range, I have 2, no complaints, get NiMh batteries and a charger for the best battery deal, best deals on radios I have found is HRO;

06-17-2004, 17:18
I've heard many people are happy with the Icom T2H, however I avoided it for a few reasons I'll quickly summarize. The first being that it can only be powered from batteries, not from any other source. The next being that is larger in size than the VX-150, and lastly, I've heard many complaints about the AA battery case being fragile and having to be held on with tape etc after having the thing that holds it on break off. If any of this is inaccurate, I'm sure someone will correct me.

06-26-2004, 06:25
Originally posted by stepper
Hello everybody!!

I used to have a kenwood 21at many years ago. I got it out, but its been so long since I've used it that the battery doesn't even charge anymore.

I want to get another one. Can anybody recommend a good 2m handheld?

Where is a good place to buy ham radios from the internet?


Not financially worth buying just a 2meter handheld nowadays for the prioces dropped conciderably and not alot of single band radios anymore for the world of multiband radios is here. for the price..yaesu has a radio model VX-5R 6-meter/2-meter/440MHz handheld it is small and compact and works great and can be had for $200.00 or so new. look for Ham Radio Outlet for a place to buy over the internet or phone. or go to my website at: and go to "LINKS" there and look through the list of manufacturers and reatil outlets webpages to buy radio equiptment. Try calling AES and see if they have any second hand stuff or Lentini communications in connecticut and ask for ALEX Lentini and mention me to him...kevin n1kgm...but for the cost of a new one its really not worht buying second hand anymore unless you come accross one fro a friend dirt cheap.

good luck and 73. kevin n1kgm :) :) :)