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05-14-2004, 19:45
These are knives I make and recraft? I have donated the Birdseye drop point to Erics fundraiser and will be shipping it next week as soon as I get the sheath done.

05-14-2004, 20:05
Do you make the blades from scratch? Or are they kits?

What type of steel?

05-14-2004, 21:36
I do make blades from scratch but most of these are premium blanks. I have never made a kit knife and if I did it would not look like a kit. Some of these knives are recrafted name brands that I have put handles, guards and pommels on which I make from barstock and roundstock. I use exotic woods, antler, horn, stacked leather and Micarta. These knives are as high quality as they can be and each one is benchcrafted so as to be worn with pride in any hunting camp or lodge on this planet. The knives in these pictures were rushed to be photographed and are 95% complete, they have since been final polished and finished. The designs are my own but I do borrow from Randall, David Yellowhorse and Jessie James,( the chopper guy) plus others. No 2 are ever exactly alike but these are a good representation of what I offer. I can do any style, shape or metal configuration within reason. I dont make art knives but I do make knives that can be passed down to future generations and used in the process. This is a ministry as everything I use has a scriptural reference and meaning and each knife is a sermon unto itself. It is a God given gift and something I enjoy being able to do. Thanks for your inquiry and I did not meam to drag on and on but talking 'bout them is almost as enjoyable as making them.