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05-15-2004, 09:18
Who here does APRS I just got a Kenwood D700a and am planning on setting it up for both aprs and voice. Also anyone doing packet?

05-18-2004, 10:05
I had a kenwood th-d7 and i did some aprs. It was pretty neat but i could only hit one digipeater and i had to have my yagi antenna perfectly aimed at it to beable to reach it.

05-20-2004, 13:50
I am very active in aprs, If you live anywhere near mass you can probably see my packets go by.
You did a good job picking out that mobile, I have the same one and I like it a lot. It is very easy to set up for voice and aprs. I am running the same setup in my truck for both. For aprs tracking you will need a gps for the location. You might also want to get a keyboard kit for that radio. TMD 700 keyboard kit (http://john.hansen.net/Kenkey.htm). I have a tiny wireless keyboard plugged into the kit. The keyboard is small enough to fit in the center console when I am not typing emails or sending aprs messages. I am finding many uses for aprs. Lately I have been working HF mobile, I will set the Kenwood tmd700 to DX cluster mode on a local frequency in which someone is transmitting dx clusters. I will watch the callsign and frequency on the TMD700 and I will work the contacts on HF through the 100D. If I want the name of the person for the log there are a couple of automated requests you can do in aprs. I won't post those call signs here due to the obvious reasons. If I address the aprs message to one of those callsigns and in the body I use "w:callsign"(who) a minute later I get a message that says the persons name and license class. If I use "l:callsign"(location) I get the persons location. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

PM me if you want to know how I did my install. It is too long to type out here.

05-25-2004, 16:06
I was always wondering if getting the keyboard kit was worth it or not. Perhaps I should put it on my list of things to get. I don't normally see you pop on on APRS. I think you are too far west. It doesn't help roaming arround in a valley though (Merrimack Valley.. fn42kr).


05-26-2004, 09:35
That is strange it must be the valley. I was at the candy store up in Salem a couple of weeks ago, in the parking lot I saw N1PJ-15 pop up on the screen. The packet would have to bounce over Merrimack valley to get to NH. When I was dating my now EX from RI I used to see N1PJ-15 all the time from Woonsocket to Newport RI. I set my APRS stations as relay wide-wide, so the packets do a couple extra hops. You should see N1PJ, N1PJ-15, and when I get my r/c plane flying you should see N1PJ-22. The keyboard kit was a really good investment. I always had the problem of pressing the mic button too many times. The keyboard kit solved the problem, the one thing that could be improved is the input speed. I have to type kind of slow to keep up with the radio. The kit I bought is a year and a half old though so maybe it is faster now.


05-28-2004, 14:21
We're preparing to do a lot of APRS training classes at Hamcom in Arlington, TX on June 18 and 19. As the presentations are completed, they'll go up at:


But in the meantime, feel free to review last years' NTX APRS Worksho presentations:


06-18-2004, 00:06