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05-16-2004, 11:37
Okay ladies, I have a question to pose for you.

I'm slowly working on getting my mom into having tools at her disposal to protect herself. She's not against guns by any means, though she does live in California and is a democrat. She doesn't have the financial means to acquire a gun at this moment, maybe in a couple months.

So we thought spray would be a good place to start. Better than nothing, right?

And we agreed that I would send her a couple OC sprays and that she would carry one as much as possible (forgetful mom at times). And she asks me "Where am I going to carry it, in my purse?"

I thought about that for a moment, and I told her "you know, I wouldn't carry it in a purse if I was a female, because it's just not accesible enough in a quick moment of danger and panic and could be the first thing ripped away from you." And she would panic. So she agreed that the purse might not be the best place for it. She works in a bank, and her clothing does not consist of attire that has a belt on it most of the time. Therefore, how is a female, in this case my mother, supposed to carry a small canister of OC spray on her person when a purse is out of the question and there might not be a belt in the equation?

Tips, suggestions, ideas, will all be forwarded to her. THANK YOU!!!

Mrs. Jack T.
05-16-2004, 15:49
The sporting goods store I work at has had some spray that was on a key chain before so that might be an alternative if you can find some like that. . . . . .

Perry F.
05-16-2004, 16:19
Go for it. Be aware of your surroundings!

05-16-2004, 16:22
Hey Mike,

I picked up some spray that has a keychain attachment on it. I keep mine in my pocket when I am wearing something that has pockets.

I was trying to think of something your mom could do...

I think it all depends on her wardrobe. If she is wearing a shirt not tucked in, she could get a thin belt and attach the spray to it. The keychain attachment comes off. She would have to practice a bit with it, but doesn't every gun carrier need to practice a bit to make sure they know what to do if a bad situation arises?

I was thinking of her getting a case and hanging it around her neck as an accessory but it may bring up too many questions.

Another option could be to place it in a drawer where she works but if she is forgetful (I know I am) that probably wouldn't be a good idea.

Tough thing to think about. It's what I'm going through now that I'm considering getting my CCW. How do I carry???

When she figures out how she's going to carry the spray, let us know - it may help us with ideas on how to carry, too!!!!

Melissa Ann
05-17-2004, 10:58
I have a small container (3/4 oz) that I actually DO carry in my purse (when I carry that). There's a small flap on my purse that I put the canister in, along with a small, easy-to-open folding knife.

The canister has a chain on it - I assume like the others have said - a keychain attachment.

* Your mom could wrap the chain around the strap of her purse.
* Or stick it in a front pants pocket.
* Or maybe get a "suspenders" clip from the notions section of a sewing store and clip it via the little chain to the waistband of her slacks. The OC could hang on the inside or the outside of her slacks that way.
* Or slip it in the inside cover of a "planner" binder, so many people carry those.
* Or leave it in a cosmetic case as the only thing in the cosmetic case. She could take it out and leave it right there on the counter where she works, or it would be relatively easy to find if she had to grab it from her purse.

I know you said that the purse is so easy for someone to take away from a woman - but that's IF she's not aware of her surroundings. If she's aware of what's going on, and where someone may be hiding so not to walk so close to corners/doorways/vans/cars, etc... it'd be a lot easier for her to grab the spray and be ready for trouble if she sees someone coming. Having something available to fend off trouble is one thing, but being aware enough to avoid bad situations or to allow one to prepare for impending trouble is KEY to survival.

My mom and 2 sisters are kinda like your mom - actually it sounds like your mom is a bit ahead of them - they won't take any training and really don't even see the need/reasoning to worry at all. But then, I've been attacked twice and they haven't. I would hope that others would seek the training and develop the mindset needed for survival BEFORE they need it instead of waiting until after the fact. ;Q I'm glad your mom is at least open to the idea of carrying the OC. It's definitely better than nothing. :) Good luck to you and her.

05-18-2004, 16:39
I have the keychain canister too.

When I am in Wally World, for example, I keep it in my left hand at all times. If I was to need it, I already have it out and I can shop with my right hand. The same goes for anyplace where I could find myself in a hairy situation. I never put it in my purse! Would take too long to get it as we all know whatever it is you want is on the bottom;Q

Working in a bank, would she be allowed to lay her keys on her desk or the counter if she were a teller? Would be right there if she needed it;)

05-18-2004, 18:02
I like the keychain idea, ladies. I think it is very practical. And she could always loop the keychain portion of it to anything on her person.

Misskitty, actually she works in the Research Department of a bank, so she's not exactly facing customers ALL the time. Maybe a few per day. She was the victim of a bank robbery some months ago, and she had a gun held to her head. She said her life flashed before her eyes, she was so terrified. Major PTSD and they transferred her to the research dept.

But get this, after the robbery went down and the robbers left without causing anyone any harm, she didn't call her husband and tell him immediately because he was on his way to take the LSAT test which is given once every 6 months. She told him after the test. That's my mom.

05-18-2004, 19:05
I have been through PTSD from a wreck. Has she had counseling? It did wonders for me ;)

05-18-2004, 19:20
I believe she has, yes. Things have gotten better in her life since then, and I'm sure she doesn't think about that event anymore. It was when she tried to go back to work as a teller after the robbery that she would have flashbacks that really disturbed her. They quickly transferred her (which I'm glad they did).

Thank you all for your help!