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05-20-2004, 20:15
Any one have or has owned any browning flashlights? I was looking at the Black Ice 6V 6 LED, MOBU in particular. Any input is appreciated. Thanks!

05-21-2004, 05:49
They look pretty good but i have not used one.I have some princeton tec lights,they are amazing--the power went out once,and my neighbor was shining his light from across the street at me on my porch--i took out my princton tec,small enough to fit in my jeans pocket,and spotlighted him.He could not believe how powerful it was--brighter than his light and about 1/5 the size.I once tied it to a fishing line and threw it into a lake to use as a fish attractant---no fish but the light was unharmed.:)

05-21-2004, 06:09
I was just on the Browning site. Their 10 LED is the same as my Lightwave 10 LED, 2 D-cell.
For a test I left mine on for 45 days. Could still use it to search the house for BG's.
It's great. I carry a Streamlight Stylus also that is pretty good.
The 10 LED is very bright but doesn't project very well. Its best feature is not killing the batteries. You can leave it on for ever.
I can't help with the one you specifically asked about.

05-21-2004, 19:20
Thanks for the input. still any more info would be nice. Thanks

05-22-2004, 09:41
They're ok, but there are better choices out there like Streamlight twin task, Pelican M6 led, Brinkmann Legend or the new Maxfire. The Brinkman's can be found at Wal Mart or Academy for $19.99

05-23-2004, 20:37
thanks strideri'll check into those as well. This is why i love this site!!!

05-24-2004, 00:27
chupy, PM sent.

Another excellent light to have is a CMG Infinity Ultra (bought out by Gerber). Runs on common/cheap AA's, rugged, compact, runs forever and reliable. Or Photon.

I always have a Photon on my keychain and a bright light clipped to my pocket or on my person.

05-31-2004, 17:34
Hi Chupy,

I recently bought the Browning 6V Xenon 6 LED flashlight. It has a switch which changes the lights. Sequentially it lights two red LED's, two blue LED's, two white LED's, and finally a 90 lumen Xenon bulb. It operates on 2 3V Lithium batteries and Browning claims it has a 24 hour continuous run life for the LED use, or 2 hour continuous run when on Xenon. (I can't verify that personally yet because I haven't had it long enough.)

Some observations. The multiple LED function is nice. Red to conserve night vision, Blue to assist blood tracking, or white LED for general purpose use with Xenon where lots of light might be needed. So it has possibility!

Some drawbacks I've noticed compared to other flashlights.

I have a Streamlight 7 LED 4AA that cost about half as much as the Browning. It puts out more light in LED mode, has a cleaner beam, and runs on four AA batteries. Plus has a longer battery life and they are less expensive to replace.

I have a Surefire C2 Centurion with a 65 lumen or 120 lumen Xenon bulb. It also operates on two 3V Lithium batteries. IT PUTS OUT A MUCH CLEANER BEAM OF LIGHT!! (On the Browning the LED bulb placement breaks up the Xenon beam considerably.)

I have numerous models of MagLites that provide reasonable light using standard batteries, and of course in a pinch the larger models can be used as a baton in an emergency! Plus these lights are considerably less expensive.

I also have a small key chain ASP Saphire LED that is always on the truck key ring. And a MagLite Solitaire on my general purpose key ring. We have a half dozen or so of the two AA model MagLites from over the years of purchasing. We have a couple of Brinkman Xenon lights and while not bad, they are not the same quality of Surefire's for instance, (didn't cost nearly as much either).

My wife has similar lighting capability on her key rings and in her purse. We always have lights with us for emergencies, or everyday use.

To answer your question, the Browning seems like a nice light. I like its seeming versatility. But I have not had it long enough to give a fair or honest evaluation of it in total!

Hope this helps!


06-05-2004, 18:12
Way overpriced. You are paying almost double for the Browning name.

06-05-2004, 19:14
Hi loadedround,

I may have paid more for it than it's worth, time will tell. I know it was considerably less than my metal bodied Surefire Centurion Xenon, more than my plastic bodied 4AA LED Streamlight, and slightly more than a Surefire G2 Nitrolon. It is considerably more expensive than our Brinkmans (and it is much sturdier in appearance as well). It does offer a seeming flexibility with the multi-bulb feature I don't have in any of my other lights. But I wouldn't buy a second one before I'd ascertained it's longevity and functionality. Although it seems fairly well made at it's price point, it is too soon for me to objectively determine if I believe I got my money's worth.

I'm willing to give different products the opportunity to prove their worth, (or not), if they appear to fill a need at a reasonable price compared to market. The Browning lights are still relatively new in the market and lack a history. In due time I'll know if I think I received my moneys worth, or not!

I have managed to discern some advantages and disadvantages as compared to other lights, (see above post). I do know already that I'd be much more certain to have a Surefire with me in a tactical situation, but the Browning seems like it may better meet my needs for hunting or camping. In either situation I'd be likely to have another light, (MagLite or something similar), for more mundane uses. Simply because batteries for them are much more commonly stocked!

I will post my final opinion of the light, when I've had it long enough to give it a fair trial.