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05-25-2004, 17:08
My father is trying to help a WWII vet find an old buddy, or at least find out what happened to him. I only have a limited amount of info, but can get more later. I don't have a unit or even a branch of the service at this time. I do have a name and a few other bits of info.

The guy we are looking for is/was named Norbert Strauch. He was possibly from Illinois. In 1945 he was 19-20 years old so he would be pushing 80 if he is still alive. He served in Okinawa and was injured. Originally the guy my dad is helping thought he had been killed, but he later found out he was injured. After recovering he was possibly reassigned to another unit. Also apparently he had a real good looking girlfriend at the time as the gentleman my dad is helping rembered that he carried a picture of her in his wallet. (I know lots of guys probably had pictures of their best girls)

No real info pops up in google or other sources my dad has used. I do not know which sites he has used. I would appreciate any info on places to look.

06-02-2004, 12:02
Try checking out the Military Personnel Record Center in St. Louis, that is the main archive for military records.

You should be able to google to get a website. The additional info you get should assist you in one of the find a buddy veteran websites.

Hope this helps

06-02-2004, 12:20
Maybe this guy knows?

Norbert Strauch, (313) 881-8459, 9207 Boleyn St, Detroit, MI 48224

06-04-2004, 18:40
The closest info I could find was this....


Birth date 13 Nov 1918
Death date 24 Oct 1997
Social Security Number 376-07-8246
Where number was issued
Last residence Zip code 48224

He would have been 25 though in 45. I searched the DOD database also and couldn't find any Norbert Strauch. Which is quite normal for their database on older veterans.