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05-28-2004, 19:30
During my Father's funeral I received the following in the form of a "calling card" from the MD National Guard Honor Guard. They presented it to me in a small plastic baggie with three spend 7.62mm blanks (from the firing squad) when they presented me with the flag.

One the outside of the folded card it said:

"With deep humility and respect, we consider it a privilege to have provided military honors for your loved one."

One the inside it had this poem that I was only recently able to read:

"Rest now, fallen comrade,
For I bear honor upon your sacred place.
Rest now, fallen comrade,
For I stand casting freedom
Upon your resting place.
Fight no more, fallen comrade,
For I am here to see we are free.
For I will stand, fallen comrade,
Having full knowledge my dress and
Actions reflect on those that surround me,
For I represent a nation
And teh state in which I serve.
So rest now, fallen comrade,
For I will bear honor upon this
Sacred place you now honor.

SPC C. Adams
MDNG Honor Guard"

God Bless!! ;?

05-29-2004, 12:24