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05-29-2004, 13:25
Does anyone else have a hard time finding a variety of threadlockers in stores? Even industrial supply places I've checked only have a few Loctite numbers.

Was planning on doing a clutch rebuild this weekend and, duh, I found that I need the high-temp oil resistant threadlocker. Now I have to wait until next weekend because it's a special order.

After reading some boards, I decided on ThreeBond TB1360 instead of Loctite 243 & 648. Supposed to be halfway between the two in strength, high-temp, oil resistant.

Oh, and what's a good torque wrench for things like 5 to 30 ft. lb. Seems hard to find a 1/4" or 3/8" drive. I have a 1/2" drive torque wrench w/ 2' breaker bar. Am I seriously supposed to use that!?


05-29-2004, 13:50
Sears has a neat little 3/8ths beam deflection torque wrench for a few dollars and it should work well for what you want.

05-29-2004, 14:51
Yeah I think I'll get that, thanks.

Earthworm Jim
05-29-2004, 18:00
I have always had great luck with loctite red or blue.A clutch isn't going to get hot enought to burn either one of those off and as long as you give them a few minutes to set up oil shouldn't faze them either;)

05-29-2004, 19:24
To be honest I don't trust blue 242. I've used it on pistol pieces and it has always become unfastened. Several times I tried it on a kel-tec belt clip only to find the piece on the ground after a few magazines. After the third time, I used red 271 and it lasted forever. Ultimately I had to drill the screw heads off to remove the clip.

I understand that there is a loctite primer which is supposed to help. I haven't tried any of that. I did thoroughly clean the parts each time I tried 242, but it just doesn't work for me.. and yet the 271 is like welding on the very same part. I know it's gotta be something I'm doing.

I need something in-between. Hopefully I will have better luck with ThreeBond TB1360.

Another thing. I have loctite 380 blackmax adhesive I bought from Grainger. I was so happy to have some "industrial strength" crazy glue. I used it one time and put the tube in the fridge as it says on the tube. Well I took it out the other day to use it, and it doesn't work at all! It runs like water and even after letting it sit overnight, it barely even hardened into a paste.

Earthworm Jim
05-30-2004, 12:11
In 25 years of wrench turning I have never been let down by loctite blue.I have a engine in a car that I buildt in 1984 that I blue-loctited almost every bolt in and it's still going strong .I always just blow the fasteners of first with brake clean or laquer thinner wait for them to dry then assemble them,that primer is just some sort of degreaser and in my opinon a waste of money;)