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06-10-2004, 11:24
I have see to really cool types of ultr-lights on TV.

One is the traditional look one that looks like a hang-glider with a prop and a 2 cycle engine and a seat.

The second ine was way cool.

It was what appearred to be a parachute with a seat suspended below it.
Behind the seat and enclosed in a grill was a huge fan.

The seat had what amounted to a roll cage.

In the event of an engine failure, the "plane" come downs like a para-sail and no matter which way you hit the roll cage protets you.

Has anybody ever used either of these ?

Are they safe ?

Are they as scarey as they look ?

M2 Carbine
06-16-2004, 08:07
Is this what you are talking about eddie?
This is mine.
It's considered an ultralight under (FAA) 103 regulations.

They are called PPC (powered parachute).

I retired and wanted something to fly from my place but I have less than a 600 foot rough runway.
I can fly the PPC from here when the weather conditions are right.

It's a weird flying machine, but fun.
It constantly flies at about 30 mph. Takes off and lands at 30 mph.
That's as fast as the wing (ram air parachute) will fly.
I have a "big" engine, 65 hp that gives it a 500+ fpm rate of climb.

Yes it's considered very safe in that if you have an engine failure, if you do nothing at all it will land like a parachute. It will hit a little hard but probably not hard enough to hurt the machine and certainly not hard enough to hurt the pilot.
My first couple landings were VERY poor.
Any flying machine will kill you and the PPC is no different.

The smoothest landings are when landing it like an airplane.

I had NO flight instruction when I first flew it but as soon as I took off I knew that was not one of the smarter things I ever did.;f

It's very controllable in calm wind.
Last week I was flying down among these trees to get some close pictures.
In wind and thermals it's a very uncomfortable ride.

03-19-2005, 07:41
M2 (or others), I found this thread and was wondering you could provide links/info.
I'm thinking about getting one of these.

M2 Carbine
03-19-2005, 12:00
Here's a few sites.
I'm not an expert but I'll answer whatever I can.

03-19-2005, 19:51
Thank you, sir.

My wife said I could get one...if I up my life insurance policy.:)

M2 Carbine
03-19-2005, 21:18
Originally posted by five-0
Thank you, sir.

My wife said I could get one...if I up my life insurance policy.:)

I understand.

I don't know how my wife put up with it for over 38 years.
She was around a lot of pilot fatalities and many of the close calls I had.

I think we both accepted the fact I wasn't going to live to retire.

And I did see to it that I was worth more dead than alive.;f

03-20-2005, 08:09
When are you going to get rid of those Ugly boots?

M2 Carbine
03-20-2005, 17:01
Originally posted by Helopilot
When are you going to get rid of those Ugly boots?

Well, I may be in trouble.
K Mart was the only place I could find them and they have gone out of business.
I've only got 2 or 3 pair left.

I don't think they are all that ugly.;f