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06-10-2004, 12:55
Never happened before. I started flying at age 15, 28 years ago.

I scared myself yesterday. The passing of My Favorite President has left me in a funk. Yesterday, I had to take a 3 1/2 hour drive to Los Altos (San Jose) and I drove because I didn't feel like flying. I realized today, that in all these years, I have cancelled all kinds of flights for all kinds of reasons, but never did I not feel like flying.

The novelty of the drive wore off by the time I was on my way home. I think I'll fly today, he would have wanted me to.

Did you ever not want to fly??


06-10-2004, 17:29
Originally posted by BillCola
Did you ever not want to fly??


Time to seek help.

06-10-2004, 18:38
Originally posted by BillCola
Did you ever not want to fly??

Hell no!

Medpilot 2
06-10-2004, 18:43
I fly for a living so yes... there have been times I didn't want to go to work.

Texas T
06-10-2004, 19:55
Bill, I think you made a wise decision not to fly. We should all trust our guts more than we normally do. There was a reason for that feeling and it's good that you stayed on the ground. Whether you would have been distracted in flight, or if it was just a premonition that something was going to go wrong... makes no difference.

Now... wouldn't it be interesting if you go out to do your next pre-flight, you're a little more careful than normal, and you find something that could have been catastrophic if it failed? Then you would think back and thank your lucky stars that you stayed out of the air that day. :)

06-10-2004, 20:38
I think you're right, Tex. I inspected the plane today, as I do most every day, and it was fine.

But, I had a measurably crappy attitude yesterday, and that, of course, is nothing to purposefully bring to the cockpit.

I guess for all of my faults, I'm not used to having a crappy attitude. It was scary out on the road! :)

Thanks for your support. :)

06-17-2004, 05:03
Have I ever not wanted to fly? No. Have I ever refused to fly? Hell, yes.
In my career, I have found certain of the bumps in the road of life will make flying something best left to others. The death of a friend or relative, a bout with a virus, or some other mind-bending event can activate the "I'd rather be down here wishing I was up there than up there wishing I was down here" business.
I call it 'self certification' and I believe anyone who has never certified himself unworthy of flight crew status is really new at the business or just very, very lucky.

M2 Carbine
07-16-2004, 20:36
Didn't want to fly

Yes this morning.

I flew the PPC at the airport the last two days.
Yesterday it was rough enough that when my friend took off ahead of me he came right back in and called it a day. It wasn't too bad and I flew 30 minutes.

My friend has fear of heights and is a little spooky but he loves to fly.
I just can't get him much above the tree tops.;Q

This morning I was up early to fly out of my place.
Got to take advantage of these light wind mornings when I get one.

On one hand I wanted to fly, but on the other hand I didn't want to fight the parachute coming in over the power lines on the North side of my field.
The wind was forecast to be SW.

So I fooled around almost hoping the wind would come up so I couldn't fly.

I finally decided to go.
I had a nice flight and was glad I went.

I thought I'd try landing to the West with a left quartering crosswind (parachutes don't like crosswinds) and if it got squirrelly I'd go around and come straight in over the wires.

The landing was about a 7 instead of my usual 8 to 9 but I was satisfied with it.;f

07-17-2004, 13:01
IFR into Kennedy then on to BUF and return Monday. Thunderstorms predicted all along the route.... maybe I'll stand down if it doesn't get better....;P

(Ice in the spring and fall, blizzards in the winter, thunderboomers all summer--- gawd, I love this stuff!);f

07-18-2004, 10:48
I've kind of lost my "urge" to fly. Haven't flown since december!;P

07-18-2004, 11:12
glockandme, you're over thirty (30), I presume? The reason I say that is I have a lot of 'old' flying buddies (I'm no spring chicken, meself!) who have, from time to time, gone through doldrums like I think you might be experiencing. There comes a time when the newness wears off, the FAA regs and new airspace limitations, etc., eat away at the initial exuberance. Been there.
What seems to work is some kind of flying to which one might be a stranger... heaven knows there are a few we haven't experienced...
Get thee to an EAA meeting, go to an ultralight gathering, try soaring, - you get the picture, I'm sure.
We're all struggling. Just try not to weaken prematurely, that's all.;Y