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06-22-2004, 13:57
so cameras have the movie mode. mine has it and i'd like to take some video clips. i've seen some clips with guns involved but the sound is not quite realistic. i wonder if i should put somekind of soft material near the microphone so it doesn't give the harsh/sharp tone.
i want to hear my 45 goes boom, not crack like the 9 ;f

06-23-2004, 00:57
Heres a vid we did with my Sony DSC-S75. The rifle is a MAK-90 Sporter.

The quality was set at 320x240, medium quality since high quality can only do 15 second clips.

Sounds fairly good to me.

video here (

You might be able to get it to sound a little more realistic by using foam, but I dont think that the microphones are capable of capturing it the way it really sounds no matter what you do.

06-27-2004, 03:50
I don't think that foam will help much on the frequency response, but it should cut down on wind noise.

If you want bass response, you should use a prosumer video camera (like a Canon XL1) and a decent microphone. An SM58 may do the trick.

I am not sure that you can get what you want from a teeny tiny mic built into a camera.