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06-27-2004, 14:39
Alrighty then.....seems the gurus that run the computers here (here being the .gov network) have started using the above program to start filtering out sites. Needless to say, I'm rather displeased, as my post on the weekends is generally 8 hours of nothing but down time. I usually play on the web during these times, and don't get on anything that could be considered nasty/obscene in the least. Yesterday (Saturday), I was on two particular pages that are now (Sunday) blocked. Said pages are and .

Funny thing about the program they're using, is that it will block out certain words that you try to google. For example, "hunting" is apparantly now considered a banned word on this network. I attempted to google it, and got redirected to an error that stated there were banned words, or something to that effect, and that the page would not be shown. Just for poops and giggles, I then googled the term "sex". Guess what? Seems that while hunting is banned, sex is perfectly OK. Plenty of pages featuring that term popped up....;Q

06-27-2004, 14:49
I think that trying to sneak around the security features is a good way to get fired or have your internet privelages banned.
A talk with the IT management might be the way to go before you look for ways to crack the network.

06-27-2004, 15:06
NOt really looking to get fired, that's why I stay off the bad sites....

As far as talking to the IT people, here's the problem:
I work for the local government, albeit one specific agency. Now the computers are set up for our dept network, and also for the overall .gov network. Our own dept IT guys take their orders straight from the IT people who are over the whole system. Our own guys have set up some local filters, but it's never really done much to effect my surfing, since I can look at porn at home all night long. Hey, it ain't worth losing the job, know what I mean?

Now, the filters that have been installed are network wide. Not just the local network, but the entire .gov one. I'd have a halfway decent chance at talking to our own guys about the sites I visit, but you can forget about the ones across the street. They don't really care much about us over here.

On the plus side, maybe I can talk to one of the ladies here...she's in charge of something more than just here now, and she's done some stuff for me in the past. It's not like I'm asking a whole lot....I mean, I sit at a freaking desk for 8 hours on the weekend, and spend about 5 of it on GT. The other 3 is spent between actually doing my job and surfing other harmless sites. My most common pages (as far as message boards) are , , , and . I'm jst a bit irritated that they're taking some perfectly harmless stuff away from us...especially since "hunting" is now a prohibited word, according to the new security system, but "sex" is OK.

06-27-2004, 15:24
OK, someting weird is happening, and I'm about to chalk it up to network probs....

Here's what's happening: Remember when I googled "hunting" and it was a prohibited word? Well, it's not now. WOrks fine. Then I typed in the URL of one of my websites...went straight there. Left it, went to another one, also went right to it, no blocks. Tried a different page on the same site, got blocked. Clicked on the link that appeared on the error page (url I jst typed), went to the page. What's happening with this crap? Also, the default home for the network is ,and when I brought the web up today, it displayed with no frames...

What's happening with this stuff? I know they did firewall maintenance last week, and I heard the netwrk crashed on Thursday, so maybe that's got something to do with it. Just seems funny that as soon as I get done complaining about it, the pages I was missing come back....
;R ;R ;R

07-07-2004, 11:50
Sometimes, the easiest way to bypass content filtering is by web-proxying. There are numerous services that'll do it for you...some pay...some free. I typically use google as a quick-and-dirty method: